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Themeparks on google maps

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Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Sea World Orland, and Hershey Park all have this awesome feature on google maps! Go onto aerial view above the park, than press the yellow 'person' looking thing and hover it over one of those parks than drop it where you want. You can pretty much walk around the park and get awesome views! Best of all it's from summer 2009, so Manta, Rip Ride Rockit, and Fahrenheit are all there! Check it out!

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That awesome features is called Streetview. I actually saw the car that Google uses to capture the street view when I was on Cross County Highway near Interstate 71 back in the summer of 2008. It looked like some kind of storm chaser vehicle with all the cameras and camera mounts hanging off of it.

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That is cool. So did the car drive through all these parks? Cause it seemed a little high up for a person, but I wouldn't think they would have a car driving through the park with all the people.


Interesting data about the process. I'm guessing they used the trike.

Also, if you haven't gone and looked for your house, you should.

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They did not use a car in the parks. See this article for more information on the first park in the United States to receive Street View, and find out exactly how they did it:


And for a larger image of the "image capturing device" check out this article: http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/index.php/google-legoland-2-5136/

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Add Canada's Wonderland to the list of parks that have this. Of course, no Leviathan because it was still under construction...so it's pre-giga CW but still...also, don't bother checking Holiday World, they are not in on this maps thing...yet...

I am loving this feature of google maps..."visiting" parks I both have an have not been to...Cedar Point is a lot prettier than I expected, and with LOTS more trees than I thought. SFGadv is much better themed than I expected, too, but the sheer amount of ads kind of kills the vibe...and Kingda Ka is closed in virtual SFGadv...fudge! :P At least virtual El Toro is open...

UPDATE: Just checked out Canada's Wonderland...wow, what a BEAUTIFUL park...and one that I must admit even beat Kings Island for its entrance plaza...that big mountain is beautiful, and has TWO roller coasters built into it (Vortex, their version of our "Flight Deck" and a Mine Train called Rolling Thunder)...and apparently, CW gets crowds like crazy...this park gets an A+ for park atmosphere, or at least the 2011 pre-Leviathan version does...would like to see a 2012 version, but alas, I doubt Leviathan's placement could have been so bad as to destroy an entire park section like Diamondback did to KI...could it? :unsure: UPDATE 2: And then I click on Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and while CW was nice, I realize I haven't seen anything yet... :P UPDATE 3: OK, BGW has had this for a while now...or they have rebuilt the Big Bad Wolf...(the date says June 2009 or something around that time...)

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Why did I epic bump this? Well...Google updated the street view of Kings Island drive/aka "the roads near the park" and apparently I-71 too, as well as the surrounding area. The in-park view is still from 2011, but now the outside-of-park view has been updated (it was previously photos from 2008 from "very far" & 2009 when closer) and now the photos are a mix between days in 2011 & 2012 (though from some spots on the left side of Kings Island Drive, it flips back to the 2009 set). Main difference is basically, it has WindSeeker now, and you can witness the color-changing of Invertigo in seconds :P ! Son of Beast is still standing and 100% intact in all the photos, from what I can tell. Also, the August 2011 day they drove past...looked pretty darn busy.

That is all. B)

UPDATE: OK, not all. You can also "drive around" the parking lot now! And for Cedar Point, you can finally "drive up" the Cedar Point causeway...which is very cool if you have never been to CP to really do so in real life...and you can also go on the road around the park, which is also very cool.

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