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I waited 7 hours for Firehawk. LET DOWN! It was opening day for it as well...I am kinda sad that I waited that long.

Which opening day? 2007 at KI, or the original opening at Geauga (sp?) Lake?

(And yes, I realize I'm responding to a post over three years old. :))

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For a new ride I'd wait 2 to 3 hours depeding on the ride.

Otherwise I probably woulnd't want to do nything voer an hour.

It depends a bit on the ride. Something real short or not too thrilling I wouldn't wait more than 30 for probably. But a big coaster or immersive dark ride like Harry Potter or Spiderman I'd probably go to 90 minutes.

I wish parks like KI would put in single rider lines like most of the big theme parks have. Helps capacity and provides a quick line to get onto rides if you don't care about riding with a specific person. I went for the opening of Harry Potter at Universal and all the lines were close to 2 hours or more for most rides, HP was about 3-4 all day. My friend and I did single rider for everything and almost all of the rides were 5-10 minute waits that way. We rode HP 4 times in under an hour while the regular line was 4 hours long.

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I waited 2 months for my first Outer Limits: Flight of Fear ride....my first trip.....wait time was 8 hours +....my second trip the parking area was full all the way to Western Row Road...my third Paramount had scheduled a company picnic park sellout (in the middle of summer, no less)...two months later after several "ain't no way I'm waiting in that line!" trips, waited 6 hours from about where WindSeeker's entrance is located.

Now, I don't do lines. Anything over 40 minutes, including Fastlane days..."nope",,,, I just do my ERC and leave on most occasions...

I will, however, wait for Banshee....unless Fastlane is in force....otherwise no.

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