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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

2011 what should KI get

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Speaking of quotes from this thread that aged like milk...


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There has only been one wooden roller coaster at any Busch Gardens park, Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa. Gwazi was indeed built by Great Coasters International, in 1999. Busch Gardens Europe has never had any wooden roller coaster.

That information can support, or undermine the possibility of this coaster being in the future of Bush Gardens Europe, depending on the point of view...

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i put a box around the part of the ravine that Diamondback takes up, and this mystery coaster would most certainly fit there, i'm amazed at how two different pieces of land, one in kings mills, ohio and the other in williamsburg, virginia can look this close to being the same.

p.s. sorry for the two toned box

edit: if this ride was for Kings Island and was located here; if this ride's station began around where the crypt is you could have alot of track before the lift because of the shear fact that you are so high above the base of the lift.

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I highly doubt anyone who owns Kings Island would put a wooden coaster in Rivertown. They wouldn't want to take away The Beast's thunder!

Unless, of course, they decide to use Son of Beast, or some variation of that name again, I wouldn't see another wooden roller coaster being placed in Rivertown.

Does anyone mind if I create a poll on where people think this coaster is being built? Seems very fitting, to me...

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a company wouldn't care if they were asked to build a ride that traveled the roof tops of international street, had a helix wrapping around the Eiffel Tower, and ended with a splashdown into the international street fountains. as long as they were being paid.

as for stealing the thunder from The Beast, we all though that nothing would ever go into the woods beside The Beast and look how close Diamondback's hammerhead turn is to The Beast's final helix.

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Sorry when I said company, I meant whatever company will be owning Kings Island. I edited my post as soon as I realized my mistake in wording.

Edit- And I'm certain any other wooden coaster placed in such close proximity to The Beast would get confused as The Beast, often. I hear people confusing Son of Beast and Adventure Express almost every time I go to Kings Island...

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oh, i wouldn't mind a poll, what are the options?

  1. crypt replacement
  2. bbw replacement
  3. other

although it would be a tough decision for me.

And I'm certain any other wooden coaster placed in such close proximity to The Beast would get confused as The Beast, often.

lol, you got that right, people get Son of Beast and scooby doo/ beastie/ fairly odd coaster/ ??? confused all the time, and they're on completely different sides of the park

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if this is for Kings Island, i can already see comments that will be in "park guest say the darnedest things" thread:

location: The Beast's second lift hill

guy 1: yea, this is the lift hill for the new roller coaster that Cedar Point's building for Kings Island next year.

guy 2: then why are we on it?

guy 1: they installed a switch track so the park could see if guest would really like the new ride before they finish building it.

guy 2: oh, well that makes since

guy 3: (me, setting behind guy 1) *reaching up to slap guy 1 in back of head*

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I could actually see KI putting a coaster in this location for several reasons.

Flight Deck has been left for dead, and SOB is a well-documented basket case. If those two rides were taken out of commission, due to their placements at the very edge of the park, it wouldn't be much of a change to KI's footprint. With the rehabbing of Rivertown along with DB's installation last year, they have already done much to make it an almost-new area, much like they did with Action Zone in the '90's and 2000's.

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See just to the right of the "Mountain" in the Computer Animation, how there's a drop in elevation? Where is that in the BBW location? Or the rise at the top of the lift hill?

And it depends. Vertical construction for Thunderhead and Prowler I believe began in September. If it took a week to remove Son of Beast's loop, I'd imagine 2-3 months to remove the entire ride.

2-3 months?!?! pretty sure it would only burn for a week tops O:)

Believe it or not, I do leave the computer from time to time, sometimes for work, sometimes for real life...

WHOA!!!! real life?! you have one of those?!?! *giggles* j/k <3

Sure does look like familiar terrain....

Since someone thinks I am not commenting, I'll just say it again.

It sure does look like familiar terrain....

Just to check my assumption, isn't most amusement park terrain likely familiar to Terpy?

thats what i'm thinking... but i didn't think it would being to a certain other east coast park that terpy seems to frequent ;)

But from a legit postition lets think about this logically....

1)SOB is getting a complete overhaul basically from what is said will be done over the next year. Why do all the work they've already started doing just to burn...er... tear it down :P

2) Top gun still has a few years left in it.. i mean come on Vortex is sinking quicker than that (please note sarcasm for those noobs)

3) BBW just closed and is getting dismantled

4) ok now i'm throwing an opinion in by loking at those topos the cut out at the bottom of the very crappily rendered computer graphic looks like it kinda matches the little inlet in Virginia... just saying :)

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This is why I think it's probably not going in the Big Bad Wolf area:


See the difference? On the topo map the 'Jut in' is a lot narrower, and much more gradual. On the Animation, it's wider, and steeper.



In the animation, the wall of the valley continues to curve, creating essentially half of a bowl. In the topo map, the land continues to zig zag further and further outward to the North West.

Of course, this is all in my eyes.

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From what we've seen so far, the coaster doesn't appear to pass through the land you have circled (in the first picture). I doubt the people that created the model cared much about the accuracy of land not covered by the roller coaster. As it appears to me, the land farther from the coaster track is rougher, and less realistic.

Of course, this is all in my eyes...

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