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Will Intimidator 305 open on time?

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Haha very appropriate! I think I read somewhere (on here?) someone saying they should name it "Two Millenniums and a Decade Force." So, gigacoaster2k+10 would also work well as a username!

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I too noticed that KDfansite was locked. I have a feeling that the whole campout will fall apart very quickly. Even if it doesn't I now see it being pretty small. I doubt they will get more then a hundred people for it. So they might get to ride a few trains before everyone else but who cares. The more I read the RULES the less I wanted to attend.

So here is to hoping that I305 passes it's tests, opens on time and the rain stays away.

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I honestly would be angry, too. I know folks were bickering that it was so lazy of Cedar Fair to not add a few extra feet to the height (to beat Millennium) and how it wasn't fair about this and that, and how they weren't given enough backstage tours and all that... Imagine if we had people on here picking apart every inch of Diamondback and saying it wasn't as good as Behemoth and, even after being offered tours and this "tailgate party" thing the night before park opening, if people were still complaining that we weren't being given enough free things (keeping in mind how little of the parks actual clientele we make up)... I think admins on here would be upset, too.

And as for the I305 vs. MF thing, I don't know what anyone expected... Could I305 been designed to blow Millennium out of the water? Probably - Imagine taking advantage of Dominion's wooded, hilly terrain, but instead it's much like Firehawk's location. Imagine taking advantage of the things they've learned from Millennium's... well... lack-of-Force as far as how to disappate some speed, but then really nail riders with airtime.

But why on Earth would Cedar Fair, or even the coaster world, want that? I would say to you that Millennium is an enigma for many people who haven't ridden it, and in all fairness, probably shouldn't be beaten by a NASCAR ride in Virginia. Again, Intimidator looks like a great coaster, but I tend to believe that, when approaching Intamin, Cedar Fair might've said "Look, this doesn't really have to be better than Millennium as far as layout, airtime, height, speed, etc if you know what I mean..." Plus, in this economy, the low-to-the-ground track (i.e. short supports) saves on steel and provides an experience more akin to an actual race car.

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Plus, in this economy, the low-to-the-ground track (i.e. short supports) saves on steel and provides an experience more akin to an actual race car.

I think this only part of the reason why the ride looks how it does. Did you see the relatively small parcel of land this thing sits on? They really scrunched this thing into a relatively tight area and I think Intamin and the park did a good job of putting together an interesting layout under the circumstances. My only concern at this point are the restraints and how they'll handle those quick transitions. I really hope that this doesn't become a front seat ride only (ala Maverick) because of them.

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