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Planet Snoopy Ride Names Announced!

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I have an honest question- why hasn't there ever been a Marcie costume? Its not like its just a KI thing, there isn't a Marcie costume for any of the Cedar Fair parks to my knowledge. Its not like she


For everyone:

Character Carousel: Nick-O-Round

Charlie Brown Wind Up: Backyardigan's Swing-Along

Flying Ace: Runaway Reptar

Joe Cool's Dodgem School: Jimmy Neutron's Atom Smashers

Kite Eating Tree: Plankton's Plunge

Linus' Beetle Bugs: Swiper's Sweepers

Linus' Launcher: Danny Phantom's Phantom Fliers

PEANUTS 500: Nick Jr. Drivers

PEANUTS' Off Road Rally: Go Diego Go

Race for Your Life Charlie Brown: Wild Thornberry's River Adventure

Sally's Sea Plane: Timmy's Air Tours

Snoopy Surf Dog: Avatar

Snoopy's Junction: Aventura de Azul

Snoopy's Splash Dance: Bikini Bottom Bash

Snoopy vs. Red Baron: Blue's Skidoo?

The Great Pumpkin Coaster: Little Bill's Giggle Coaster

Woodstock Express: Fairly Odd Coaster

Woodstock's Whirlybirds: Lazy Town Sportacopters

Notice, Fairly Odd Coaster was not renamed The Beastie, and Scooby Doo & The Haunted Castle's replacement has not yet been announced.

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Being an adult, all of those names at least make sense because I didn't grow up with Nickelodeon. Having said that, I feel bad for all the kids that grew up with Nick and Nick Central/Universe.

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OK, I take back the comment I made in the 5 @ 5 topic yesterday, which is suddenly no longer in that topic... I think that's the first time I've ever had a post of mine deleted! I must have p***ed someone off. laugh.gif

Actually, upon further review, the posts that I was complaining about seem to have been deleted too, making mine no longer needed.

I like the names, I'll have to tell GatorGirl what they are tonight. She's been looking forward to them as much as I have. I actually tortured her a little bit over this past weekend by showing her the picture of Snoopy out in the snow in the parking lot. She loved it!

Still no name for SD&THC...

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It will be interesting to see if the current water features on RFYLCB (the coconuts, the jaguar, etc) will be replaced or just removed.

PS! I think I may have been the first to use the abbreviation that it will doubtlessly come to be known by!!! Happy days!!!

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I am still not sold on this Snoopy thing. I think the folks at KI (and Cedar Fair) need to go back and rethink their investment in Snoopy. I think that many kids will not recognize Snoopy and will not take to the theme. The rides, they will, but again, I think the theming is not set for kids, it is set for adults to relive their childhood with Snoopy.

BTW, definitely feel that these ride names need to be reworked. Not happy with them, and wish I had a fix to how generic they sound.

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I think the theming is not set for kids, it is set for adults to relive their childhood with Snoopy.

I agree. Perhaps that will help parents to get their kids interested in the Peanuts eventually... but right now, I'd bet money that the parents will be much more in tune with the new theme than the kids will be. I never cared for the Peanuts when I was a kid, so I'll be just as lost as my son ;)

Actually this could be a genius marketing move... after all, the parents are the ones with money to spend!

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I still don't get why our FoC couldn't be turned back into The Beastie. Is it really that hard to change the logo for Ghoster Coaster at CanW to say The Beastie?

No, it isn't that hard. But if you ask me, it's just another instance of Cedar Fair seeing what folks want, but not taking the extra time to do it. It surely won't cost any more money to make a Beastie sign than it takes to make a Woodstock Express sign... But it's just "too much" to do that, I guess? :rolleyes: Their big thing is "turning the park back to the way it used to be." If by that they meant that they removed "Paramount's" from the name, then they were right! If they implied that they would do anything beyond that, they were not telling the truth.

If you ask me, it would've made more sense to unify all the Cedar Fair parks under Hanna-Barbera than under Snoopy. But one license needed renewed and one didn't... Cedar Point folks are not as connected to Snoopy as we all are of Hanna-Barbera... Just sayin'!

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In Cedar Fair's defense (what am I saying?!) what would anyone here have named them that would be "less generic"? I don't know what could make them any better (or worse, really...). They're named exactly what I'd guess they'd be named for the most part. Was "Danny Phantom's Phantom Fliers" un-generic? Or "Timmy's Air Tours?" If so, how is it any less generic than "Sally's Sea Plane"?

Flight Deck? Generic. Boo Blasters on Boo Hill? Generic. Drop Tower? Generic. But I wouldn't call most of the Planet Snoopy names generic. Just... simple. The same way that Nickelodeon Universe and Hanna-Barbera Land were simple.

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About The Beastie/Woodstock naming. My guess would be that they did not see a reason to pay for licensing, and then use a name that they didn't have to pay for (Beastie). You can bet, if I have to pay for something, I will milk it for all it's worth! Like the guy in the McDonalds commercial that digs up the whole sidewalk because he paid to rent the jackhammer all day. "Just gettin' my money's worth"

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You know the ride names and logos all look and sound very nice to me. I am quite pleassed with how this has turned out so far. Now the true test is the resulting look of Planet Snoopy. Will there just be new paint or will the signage and decorations of Snoopy and the gang fill the area? That is the true question in my mind.

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I wish there weren't so many character repeats...why not have Pigpen, Lucy, Marcy, Peppermint Patty, Schroeder?

The plus side is I couldn't really be anymore dissapointed than I already am. smile.gif

Exactly! Mainly the only characters named are Snoopy and Charlie Brown. At least have a little more. Maybe it's because many kids don't know anybody else's names.

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I'll be perfectly honest. While I do enjoy most of the names (save for SSD), I will admit the overuse of some of the character names are a little too repetitious. It's a little strange, but I think most of the names are already growing on me. I'll have to study and memorize these new acronyms for the ride names, too.

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