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Second Turnstile On Beast


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In reading this topic I learned a lot of new things about The Beast I had never known before. I though that when it was first built that the brakes were very minimalistic and it kind of just ran rampant. Through reading this topic I learned that that is definitely not the case. Thank you once again KIC Community for providing accurate, detailed information.

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Notice? I've ridden in them, many times....and not just at Kings Island. PTC doesn't make those any more, but they would, I am sure, if they were asked to. Given the tracking issues and maintenance issues regular PTC wood coaster trains pose compared to other trains currently on the market (Terpy being careful again, Hi, Mike...), I doubt you will see those four bench PTC's (which suffer even more from them) built again...Longer wheelbase, heavier trains, even less steering (as if there were any to start with).

Compare certain other trains....

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