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2010 Kings Island Meal Deals


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Exclusive to Gold and Platinum Passholders:

  • BREAKFAST WITH THE PEANUTS GANG DISCOUNT - $11.99 per person! (purchase at the front gate)
  • BACKYARD BBQ MEAL DEAL - $9.99 per adult / $5.99 per junior (also available online)
  • RIVERTOWN JUNCTION DISCOUNT - 15% off the regular price
  • CINNABON - 1/2 off pre-packed 4-pack and 6-pack Cinnabon
  • FUNNEL CAKE DISCOUNT - Buy one, get one 1/2 price before 5pm

After 5:00pm Meal Deals

  • STUNT CREW GRILL - Bucket of tenders (16pc) or 4 Hot Dogs, family size fries and 4 20oz fountain drinks.
  • OUTER HANKS - BBQ Chicken, choice of 2 family sides and 4 20oz drinks.
  • JUKE BOX DINER - Pic-n-Mix - 4 sandwiches, family size fries and 4 20oz drinks. (Hot Dogs, Chicken, Burgers)
  • Planet Snoopy GRILL - Bucket of tenders (16pc) or 4 corn dogs, family size fries and 4 20oz fountain drinks.
  • RIVERTOWN JUNCTION - Buy 3 buffets and the regular price and get the 4th for half price of equal or lesser value!

Source: http://www.visitkingsisland.com/public/park/meal_deals/index.cfm

Also don't forget that there were some changes to the Backyard BBQ. As mentioned above, Backyard BBQ has a special discount for Gold and Platinum passholders ($9.99 for adults and $5.99 for juniors) as opposed to the regular price of $12.99 for adults and $6.99 for juniors. The time slot has been moved to 5:30pm to 7:00pm and the menu will consist of chicken tenders, hot dogs, pulled pork BBQ, baked beans, potato salad, unlimited soft drinks, watermelon slices and popsicle treats. Don't forget that it's all you can eat!!!

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Indeed...the park really needs to know how offensive many of us find it that they seem to think their customers are ALWAYS divided into neat little groups of four people...as in Mom, Dad and two perfect little angel kids! :)

Not to mention that often when I *am* at the park with four people, we want to eat four different places...but usually end up leaving the park and settling on one...

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Very true. And if I am going to get Cinnabon, I would want a hot and fresh one, not one that has already been pre-packaged. I don`t anticipate buying food in the park most times I go, simply because it is so expensive. I`d rather go through the hassle of leaving the park, and driving to a restaurant outside the park than pay the in park prices. Especially after I spent $13 for two slices of pizza and a 20oz drink at Carowinds a couple weeks ago!

As an aside, I wonder if the Skyline locations at Kings Island will be offering the Walking 3 ways that the Cincinnati Zoo and Reds Skylines are now offering.

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On my recent trip to Carowinds, I left the park, went to Fort Mill about 10 miles south, ate at Ci-Ci's and toured an excellent Hispanic supermarket. With my purchases there and the gas I used getting there and back (I passed the CiCi's near the park, on purpose), I still saved money and probably time as well. And I picked what I wanted to eat, how much, and got free drink refills. My pizza had just been made, not sitting under a heat lamp for at least an hour. And it did not cost me $4.49 a slice. In fact, the lunch buffet was $3.99!

I'd rather have supported Cedar Fair and helped to pay for the new coaster. But I am not paying exorbitant prices AND getting low quality food that had been sitting there for hours. I actually asked the nice woman at Carowinds Cafe (formerly CBS Cafe) when there would be fresh pizza. "Not til that's been sold, honey." At least she was honest.

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I had some Panda Express down at Carowinds. And I paid about what I would for a chinese buffet here at home, and had as much food as I could eat. Having a strong stomach, I felt that was a good deal. Much better than $4.50 per slice for pizza.

I do not mind paying $13 for something of what I felt was quality, and that I was really craving.

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Don`t amusement park places subscribe to the freshness guarantee. I know the Pizza Hut at TUC on UC`s campus would be slow in the afternoons. They`d print out a time stamp on the food. If you went to get pizza or breadsticks, and it was after the time printed on the sticker, you could get fresh pizza. Which also meant you had to wait for it to be made, but its better than pizza thats been sitting there for ages. Too bad the parks don`t seem to do this as well.

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Those are nice deals, but I still wish that they had a meal deal for individuals.

Thankfully the BYBBQ, Character Breakfast, and Rivertown Junction appear to be individual meal deals, the last time we had season passes, EVERYTHING was for a family of 4 and we only have 3.

IMO Rivertown Junction is probably the best deal in the park to get a decent meal and relax for awhile.

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