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Opening Day 2010

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The day started off with a season pass processing for me, i was there waiting for 2 hours for the gate to open. then it WAS ON!! running to Diamondback (pooping out half way, cause im fat now :P ) got on

in the back, my adrenaline pumping while going up the first hill of DB. ah, the pure rush going down the hill at 80 MPH really gets the endorphins going in the morning. After getting off i had checked out Planet Snoopy

i got a video of myself dancing with snoopy (the video is on facebook) in this linkit may seem stupid but i was having fun :P

Then it was on to lunch!! had 2 slices of pizza and a beer (yes im 21 now :P) the prices on beer is outrageous 7.5o for a bottle and 7.25 for a cup of beer..... Then i hit the Crypt, the worst ride ever!! i loved TR:TR better than the piece of crap thats there today.then another 2 times on DB, then onto Linus Launcher. Boo Blasters was well themed (despite some of the reuse of some of the SDATHC theming) but overall the ride was cool with the fog and special effects. High Score 1440 on Boo Blasters.

Overall the opening day was very well, there will be more updates

Diamondback-3 (15 all together from last year)

Flight Deck 1

Boo Blasters- 1



Linus Launcher-1

The crypt-1 (comic book guy: Worst Ride Ever!)

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