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Top 10 things you do during PKI's off-season.


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10. Clean your homes more often.

9. Visit your local museums.

8. Go to the movie theater more often.

7. Rent more movies.

6. Eat at fast food restaurants more often.

5. Watch more Nickelodeon cartoons.

4. Read more PKI-related books and articles.

3. Save money because PKI is closed for the season.

2. Cry every day and every night.

1. Get stinking drunk!!!!

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10. Miss PKI

9. Run around my room yelling while wearing my pants as a hat lol

8. Eat a lot of food

7. Have PKI dreams that make no sense

6. Work on PKIC and Coaster Ville

5. Riding my box off my roof for some air time

4. Play Playstation 2

3. Keep In Touch with my friends.

2. Post on PKIC

1. Watch My PKI Video I recorded on PKIC day. :ph34r:

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9. annoy my sister

8. play video games

7. sleep late on weekends

6. dance like an idiot, listening to music

5. watch fan blades go around and around :rolleyes:

4. do nothing waiting for pki to open

3. school/homework :thumbsdown: :evil:

2. go on pkic/ go online

1. hang out with friends

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10. School/homework :wacko:

9. Winter Guard Practices & Contests

8. Sleep :lol:

7. Working

6.Hanging out with friends :P (movies,bowling,skating,eating out,clubin,etc)

5.Thinking about going to PKI this summer :D

4.Surfing the Web

3.training for track season

2. practcing my clarinet,sousaphone,& sax

1.Having LOADS of FUN!!!!! PARTYING!! :P

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10) Hibernate until PKI opens

9) Watch coaster videos

8) Wish for quick winter

7) Party

6) Buy Playstation 2

5) Buy Computer for home

4) Buy K'nex Rippin' Rocket

3) Work Less, Play More

2) Watch more movies

1) Play RCT 2 until I can't stand it any more! :wacko:

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10.build k'nex roller coasters



7.play halo

6.watch tv

5.play gameboy advance

4.build computer coasters

3.visit pki-central and pki unlimited

2.enjoying the holidays

1.WAITING FOR PKI TO OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:jerry: :jerry:

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