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KI TR 5/28/10


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Yes, I know, 1 day late....anyways, I usually don't do trip reports. But I will now because yesterday was probably the best day I've had at KI! ^_^

I picked up my friend Tyler and went to KI. Once we got to the parking lot, my friend Aaron texts me and says "I bought season passes, I'm coming today!" and I was excited about that. So we met up with him. My dad rode DB with us once during the ERT. It was literally walk-on. We decided to keep taking advantage of it - and rode it 4 times in a row. On our last ride, we saw the flood. The flood that dooms every visitor at KI. Tons and TONS of people were pushing and shoving, running towards DB. I was surprised at this because of it being a Friday.

We then left that area to go to Action Zone. Drop Tower had a 5 minute wait, then after that we rode Delirium - twice. Everything was walk on except DB. We were about to ride Invertigo, but surprisingly it was a long wait. So we headed over to Coney Mall and rode the Red Racer. We raced a ghost Blue Racer. It had just been put up into the station and nobody was on it. That was very smooth for some reason. Then onto X-Base where we rode Flight of Fear which was about a half hour wait. But I love waiting in line for FoF, because there's so much to look at! By that time (12:00) we were starved. We started heading towards Festhaus - and then - "Hey, let's ride Adventure Express." Aaron's 8 year old brother was with us at the time, so we rode that with him.

Still no lunch we had eaten and we had moved on back to DB. So that's 5 rides. We were about to ride Sling Shot but I chickened out. Since it was 90 degrees outside, we were sweaty and hot - so we rode White Water Canyon. We had all agreed that was our favorite ride of the day (well, at least the most "fun".) We were so tired after that - but we still needed MORE! So we headed over to Vortex - about a 10 minute wait. Oh my god, our heads were hurting so badly after that. It was my worst experience on it. We were even more tired but wanted to ride Backlot Stunt Coaster. So we did. After that, we were dizzy and lightheaded. So we stopped. Without any food and water - and dizziness accompanied along with that, we finally left.

And Aaron puked in the car.

Ride Count:

Diamondback 5x

Delirium 2x

Racer, Vortex, BLSC, Drop Tower, FoF, AE, White Water Canyon 1x

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