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Six Flags Great America: No Change for 2011?!

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from screamscape:

icon_STOP.gif2011 - Waterpark Expansion - Semi-Confirmed - (6/22/10) Screamscape sources have confirmed that Chang is now no longer being planned for the park in 2011. New expansion plans are currently in the works and seem to involve the same basic plot of land… but with a focus on expanding Hurricane Harbor instead. Nothing has been finalized yet it seems, as all the plans are still in the air, though we have heard of one plan to add a water-coaster style slide to the park, possibly similar in style to the Wildebeest slide added to Holiday World this year. More as we find out.


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also from screamscape:

icon_STOP.gifPark News - (6/21/10) A new rumor has come up over the weekend that may anger more than a few fans of Six Flags Great Adventure. If there is any truth to it, the new management calling the shots may be considering removing the park’s infamous Great American Scream Machine coaster. While at first the move seems shocking… keep in mind that GASM’s sister ride, Shockwave at the Chicago park, also met with a similar fate a few years ago. Of course it’s also well know that Shockwave, the first of the three Arrow made Six Flags Megaloopers (Viper at SF Magic Mountain was the final one) did suffer from a fair share of problems that the other two did not.

So the next question would obviously be to ask what reason there would be to remove such an iconic ride? According to the discussion going on at CoasterFusion, plans have been spotted at the park that now place CHANG… the B&M Stand-Up Coaster from Kentucky Kingdom, as possibly going into GASM’s spot. Up until now Chang has been all but confirmed for Six Flags Great America near Chicago… with a few pieces and the trains already spotted on site. Meetings have been taking place with the local government as well to get a height variance permit to build the ride there as well, with the final approval meeting expected to take place on Monday, June 21st.

While I haven’t seen it myself, I’ve heard a rumor that the Six Flags issue may have been unexpectedly removed from the agenda for tonight’s meeting, which only adds fuel to the fire that Chang could now be looking for a new home. Of course the online version of the agenda still shows it there, waiting to be finalized tonight. I had been told that as soon as Al Weber took control of Six Flags, he began to made huge and immediate changes to the plans set in place for the 2011 season by Shaprio. I guess we’ll know more once the Monday meeting is over if the proposal to add Chang has been dropped or not. Stay tuned!


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