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First time to KI! Trip Report


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So I went to KI last wedensday on my way to wapakoneta ohio. I go to KD reguarly so it was nice to see a park that was similar to it. I like the layout of KI better than KD but KD has more trees and not as much asphalt.


so we got there at 9 and waited for them to open the gates and when they did, everyone just walked in and they wernt checking any bags. do they always do this? cause I could have brought anything I wanted into the park, if I knew they were gonna do that I would have packed food. We started off by going to Firehawk because ive never been on a flying coaster before and we walked on the front row cause we were one of the first people there and first ride was awesome! felt like I was gonna fall out of my restraints but I like that stuff. the second ride was kinda boreing but I liked the first. Then we went to Diamondback which is one of my favorite coasters now! I have to reconfigure my top ten list. After that we went to The Beast and that is now my favorite wooden coaster, I just wish they didnt have the trims on the first drop. then we went on Vortex, and a few rides over there. The Xtreme Skyflyer and Sling Shot were great and I wish KD had a discount thing we paid 10 dollars for bothlaugh.gif drop zone had too long of a wait and the one at KD has a bigger drop so I didnt care if I went on that. Flight deck was pretty boreing and had a long line. I wish Son of Beast was open cause it looks awesome!

Overall had a great trip to a park I hadent been to before! you guys have a pretty nice park.

on a side note does someone post on here with a Diamondback shirt(I think) with all of your rides on the back? It was at 2900 when I saw it well I was right behind you. and im pretty sure I saw a couple people from this website that I reckonized from seeing at KD opening day.

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You most likely did see a ton of posters from here! I always do, but I don't believe they recognize me (and probably wouldn't want to talk to me anyway)! I'm glad you enjoyed your first trip! Diamondback and The Beast are among the best of their models! It's funny to see you coming up here, because last year I did the complete opposite - I visited Kings Dominion, and loved everything about it. The grass is always greener, right?

Otherwise, I'm sure many of us here would kill be able to visit the park for the first time again - to be "clueless" and have a "first" experience on every ride. So I hope you enjoyed it!

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Great TR! You are extremely lucky to walk on Firehawk, good call on going to that first. I have ridden in once in the 7-8 visits to the park since its opening purely becuase of the long lines.

And the guy with the DB rides was Gary Coleman (Not the actor). I don't believe he posts here but many members know him and have enjoyed rides with him.

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