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Quick KI trip.


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Wow the park was packed. Pretty much end to end in the parking lot.


The first thing I saw was International Street Pizza was closed. That was about it for closings. However had an interesting DB trip. I went thru the single rider line and there was a group of 4 college age boys behind me. Guess we waited about 20 minutes. Get towards the top and they decided they were going to jump over to the other line, that line I know the people were waiting 45 minutes or longer. So they get to the top and get a spot to ride. I reported them to the blonde attendant and she nabbed them and booted them from the line. When my ride ended on DB the ride went down so I got to sit in the train for about 20 minutes, wow it was hot.

I go to my fav spot, if you know me it is Tower Gardens. And found these iron fence supports sticking right out. If a small child would run into them they would be impaled.



EDIT: sorry the fountains were down also.


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How sad the park must seem without the sounds of the fountains...

Terp, who loves the Royal Fountain and thinks it contributes much to the grand entranceway to the park

It did seem very sad. It was odd walking beside it without the fountains going.

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Most parks? Sure they would if there was a danger involved out in the open such as it was. Shoving a trash can in front of a potentially hazardous condition is not cool in any way shape or form. All they had to do if they did not want to weld it back is to lift them up a few inches and remove them, thats all you have to do.

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Yay, they fixed the fence post that was protruding in TG. The fountains worked, I had a thermometer in my camera bag and I took temps in PS and near the fountains. It was 4 degrees cooler next to the fountains. It was so nice to see them running not to mention it felt good :) Delirum was still down and Invertigo was still down along with Congo falls, other than that everything seemd up and running. I met Gary at his stand he is a nice fellow and working hard!

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