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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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Have been looking at photos of the Starflyer and that actually looks like a lot of fun. ( Unless they are pulling a fast one on us and the ride is going to be a coaster after all-how I love Mustang. )

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Why, oh why, must a discussion about a ride that is not going to be built by Intamin lead to so much Intamin-bashing? -- Beatle, who is very interested in what CP will be adding and who enjoys many

1964 -

• The Blue Streak (John Allen/PTC wooden roller coaster) is added.

• The Monorail is removed.

• Calypso opens near present day Ice Cream Parlor(May 23)

• Final season for Rotor




Two things jump out... Rotor (how high?!) and the Blue Streak.

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The clues are pretty simple. It's a Mondial WindSeeker (not a StarFlyer).

Windmill: Wind.

Dinosaur: The name is Strato"soar"

Side-by-Side: You sit in pairs

Diaper: It's scary enough to make you piddle

64 Crayons: That's the capacity: 64 people at a time.

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If I may say.....

IF CP is getting this "swing thing" - no matter which company gets to make it for them, at 2 million dollars a copy, with such a low rider per hour capacity, they should get 2 of them. They would like quite nice, side by side along the beach area.

....Hank, out of diapers since 1964 and not looking forward to them again in the future!

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Uh, the pepperoni at Kings Island has ALWAYS been on top of the cheese. It was in 1972, it is today.

Since Cedar Fair took over, they have also offered sausage...they did not used to.

Coney Island of Ohio also has LaRosa's, but I honestly don't know where they put the pepperoni there...I know the Skyline at Coney Island of Ohio is better than at Kings Island or in the company's own stores.

just a note... they DID but as of two weeks ago it has since dissappeared. I went to the larosas in the festhaus and asked for a sausage and pepperoni pizza and they said they did not carry sausage any longer. a quick inspection of the menu tvs indicated it was not listed on there any more, either.... it looks like sausage is no longer, which is sad because it didnt cost any more for sausage, it was the same if you got pepperoni only or both pepperoni and sausage pizza...

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Maybe it'll be like Drop Zone. Every Paramount Park got one - 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and then all that's left is Kings Dominion... And they finally get one in 2003. I bet that they had simply come to the conclusion that they weren't going to get one!

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I see a small wind seeker at CW, a record breaking one at CP, and no clue what will happen at Knotts.

Knott's has markers all over the place. I can't wait for my visit next spring. biggrin.gif

The rumor on Knott's is wind seeker 2011 and coaster for 2012.

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We only have two days until they announce it! I can't wait!

And, coasterguy15, I didn't realize I just changed my profile picture to the same as yours. Whoops. Is that okay?

haha, it's all cool if you want to keep the pic for your profile. i have no problem with that

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