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What's your favorite Beach WaterPark water slide?

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I love The Cliff. It's fast & steep and just looks intimidating. So intimidating that Mrs. Gator won't get on it. I'm not quite sure I like the new paint job on it this year though... laugh.gif

Aztec Adventure, Twilight Zoom and Hidden Rapids are my next favorites.

-Gator, eagerly awaiting my first visit to Schlitterbahn this Wednesday... Master Blaster and Dragon's Revenge, here we come!!!

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For me its Snake River Rapids. It's hidden in the back of the park so it hardly has a line, and also it's calm and relaxing with a few fast parts. Also I love being in the woods biggrin.gif

I just looked at their website and it says its under construction? I'm going this Wednesday so I just wanted to make sure.

Yeah I saw that too on the website. It said it was under construction. It also said that the Jolly Mon Shores were also under construction. This could be a sign that they're renovating it. They've already given The Cliff and Riptide a paint job. They might be fixing up the whole park.

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See:Beach Waterpark Interactive Map

I'm sure it won't just be a paint job, because neither the Cliff nor Riptide were ever marked as 'Under Construction.'


Hidden Rapids would be my favorite. Certainly not all that thrilling, but very fun, and the only slide I would ever go on to say 'interactive.' Yes, you will bump into other riders, maybe causing you to make an unexpected turn. Fun for the whole family!

Aztec Adventure is very exciting. It has the same kind of air time you experience on Diamondback, the same out of control feel you get from The Beast, and the same tree- top feel given by Kenton Cove's Keelboat Canal.

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lol I know..it's bad...I mean last year a gurd pushed and fell and basicly went down the slide, she was fine, but some times when that happens the lifegurds can get hurt. Like the raft ride, she pushed them over the bump and a little down the hill, she sliped and fell and scrapped off some of her scalp...needless to say the pool had to be drained and re treated... ./ Very scary stuff.

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The Cliff, no doubt. I love Aztec Adventure as well, and DEFINITELY Hidden Rapids... but no trip to the Beach goes without a dive over The Cliff. The anxious slow part at the top... leading into the plummet down into the tunnel. Great slide.

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