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Random oddities around the park

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As a parent with two young children, I am a REAL POOR SPORT when I hear, what I would call, intense recreational profanity. Especially in places like... oh, say- Planet Snoopy. Some people just can'

Memory plays tricks on one!

Bottom middle photo here:


The park logo! Anyway, the next day, it had been replaced with a much more generic looking logo with the ride name on it...

If you are talking about the park logo on the arch, it doesn't look like it was made to be permanent. It actually kind of sticks out compared to the other parts of the cave entrance. Also, it was replaced with the "eye" symbol on it correct? Not the ride's name....? Maybe I am missing something http://www.kiextreme.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-5067

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Hehehe.. 38 Special tshirts...sounds like Donnie Baker was at the park laugh.gif. In regards to the 90s and fads, there were three leisure items I always had either on my person or in my locker in high school... and those things were A)Koosh ball for the reason already mentioned, a hackey sack, and a frisbee! Sorry, but a good sniper attack across a classroom with a Koosh ball was even fun to a group of Honors Students LOL.

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Every generation has it's own fads..nothing really new there. Anybody remember Slap Bracelets, Pogs, Koosh Balls, Beanie Babies....the list goes on

Your right, I guess I don't mind our generations fads that much. But coming from a teenager, what I HATE most about this generation is what kids do and say nowadays. Trying to be cool and/or funny by cussing, flipping the bird, replying to everything that goes wrong with, "that's retarded" or "that's gay". Ugh, I can't stand teenagers like this...dry.gif

I can't stand when people that I am with feel like they need to yell OMFG! (Using the real words) when we are on a ride. I feel embarrassed because it could be Adventure Express and Kids and Parents are behind us. Then they think I am an Idiot.

I also hate it when in line for a ride and some parent will be cussing out their 10 or 11 year-old kid for one little unsignificant mistake they made. Sometimes I wanna say to the parent (but I don't), "Hey, your at an amusement park, just have fun! and don't ruin it for your kid by making them feel bad." I always feel really bad for these kids.sad.gif

As a parent with two young children, I am a REAL POOR SPORT when I hear, what I would call, intense recreational profanity. Especially in places like... oh, say- Planet Snoopy. Some people just can't have a sentence without saying "f'in" this, etc... it's almost like an adjective to them. As far as my desire for people to use proper English (and not sound stupid) I equate it to sports figures saying "y'know" ever sentence- sometimes twice a sentence. Next time you watch a sports interview count how many times the sports figure says that in a minute. Drives me nuts.

But as far as profanity goes- I'm a poor sport and have no problems bringing it to a perpetrators attention, be it a parent or brood of teens.

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While in Boomerang Bay this weekend I was in disbelief when they were playing Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight"...which contains the line "If you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand". laugh.gif

A few years ago when I got back into coasters again, I was in line for Flight Deck. When I was about to enter the loading platform.. "Free Falling" started playing, so basically it was playing the entire time I was loading/going up the lift hill. Since it was my first time in a long time riding Flight Deck.. it was scary to say the least. The next time I went to KI.. I was sitting in the car pulling my neck restraint down.. and bam off goes "Free Falling" again. I seriously almost got off that time. Worst part of it all.. I wasn't even the good Tom Petty version. It was the less spectacular version by John Mayer.

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