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The Beast Helix Tunnel

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There are many signs on both lift hills that say keep hands and arms inside the car at all times but i think people ignore them because there on almost every coaster. The tunnel almost gives the apperance you need to duck.

I actually have ducked...3 of the 4 times I've encountered the Helix on Beast.

PS: I also, very strictly, follow the "keep your hands in the car" warnings on every coaster I have ever ridden. I don't want to take the chance of losing my hands/arms/etc.

...Kings Island actually promotes riding with your arms all the way up, at least on Diamondback - remember that commercial shot from the front of the train looking back? Everyone had their arms all the way up... :o:P

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The corner of my wrist that I ground off only shows a bit of a scar, after a couple months of healing.


I've become concerned for my head in the helix when I sit on the left side of the train now. Definitely don't put my arms up in there anymore. Not that I did it very often before I got bit by The Beast.

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I've thought about that, too.

Which would make me think the park has.

I don't know, maybe it's one of those things like a vehicle recall. Does the cost of a lawsuit offset the cost to fix the tunnel?

How many other lawsuits would pop up when the first one does? Unfortunately that happens everyday. Monkey see monkey do.

And then you've got "oh man, people almost got their hands cut off on The Beast!!" You know how people are, mountains outta molehills.

I just really feel that could give the park, which I might add does have a pretty good track record with safety, a black eye on what is for sure one of their signature attractions. I'd hate to see it.

Freak. Who will continue to ride The Beast on every visit, sometimes multiple times.

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Safety measures taken after an incident are not generally admissable as evidence of negligence, as a matter of public policy.

Terp, who is not engaged in the private practice of law in the State of Ohio nor the District of Columbia or any United State. There is no legal advice meant for a particular client contained herein. No attorney/client relationship is created by reading this or any other of the author's posts. Consult a competent attorney in the relevant jurisdiction should you have, or think you may have, a legal problem. This is a disclaimer. -30-

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I can personally confirm that one can indeed strike the tunnel. Years ago, when I was less wise, my arms were raised high as the train thundered into the helix tunnel. I was sitting on the left side of the train. Note that I am of average height (5'6"). I was lucky to escape with only a cut and a bit of bleeding.

As we coasted back to the station, a certain sign had a newfound resonance..."The Beast is always lurking in ambush". Lesson learned.

This is what happened to my cousin who was next to me at the time. With hands up, the force of going through the helix knocked his arms sideways and he got it to the hand. He's 6'3". I heard him say something in surprise at the time and when we got off, there was the smackmark.

We checked for splinters, then went onto the next ride.

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