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Holiday World Qs

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I'm going to HW on August 22, and I have some questions for you guys!

1. How rough is The Voyage (this year) compared to The Beast? (my dad can't handle too much roughness).

2. Do you think one day is long enough for the waterpark and amusement park?

3. Any reviews on Santa's Lodge? How is it?

Thanks! :)

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Ride the front seat of Voyage. Your dad should be fine.

The park can be quite busy. Do you like waterparks? If so, you can easily spend two days at Holiday World. If not, one day will probably be fine.

As for Santa's Lodge, that's for someone else to review. I normally stay over in Corydon, as I have for many, many years.

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The Voyage is glass smooth in some parts and rough as heck in others. The first 3 hills are as smooth as glass, the turnaround is bumpy, the triple-down is smooth, the trip back to the station is rough, and the final twist around the station is rough. Riding up front shouldn't be a problem if he could handle The Beast. However, if The Beast is a problem then I don't picture the Voyage being much better.

If you like waterparks then you may want to do one day at the dry park and one at the water. If you are only visiting the dry side one full day is enough to do everything, and if you just go to ride coasters then you should get at least 10-20 rides on each of the coasters in a full day.

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Santa Lodge from what I remember was nice, I stayed there 4 years ago but I was too tired to really remember.

If your well rounded like myself and like both hard and water park you should go two days. Wildebeest is awesome

Ride each coaster in order of being built which is also the order as your going thru the park; Raven, Legend and Voyage.

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I think I may just go to the waterpark for about two hours, and check everything out. Ride the Wildebeest, and some other highlight attractions. My plan is:

I leave on Friday at 1PM and get to my hotel at 4PM. Stay the night.

On Saturday, wake up at 8AM and get there at 8:30AM.

Ride Raven, Legend, and Voyage. Around I'd say 10:30, if not too busy, I'll be done with that.

Go to the waterpark for about two and a half hours, until 1:00.

Eat lunch.

Spend the rest of the day (until closing) riding any other rides at the dry park, with my family.


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That sounds like a good plan to me. You'll notice that people tend to each lunch right around one and head to the water park right after. You're pulling a smart move by getting the water park out of the way a little bit earlier and doing a lot of the dry park after. We couldn't believe last year when we visited. Around 3 o'clock the waterpark looked unbelievably packed, and we saw this while we were in an empty Legend train...

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