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Whither Conneaut Lake Park Now?

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Given that it's not a bustling area, I wonder what other indoor entertainment options there are in the area. I assume that there is likely the basic stuff, such as bowling alleys and movie theaters, somewhere reasonably close by. But is there anything in the area similar to what is proposed here? If not, it would give local area residents another, unique option for family entertainment and thus could end up being a good move that draws a significant amount of revenue, especially during the winter. Not will, but could.


jcgoble3, pondering and probably missing something...

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Labor Day:


$5 Ride All Day Dry

$5 Water Park

$10 Combo

15% off at Log Cabin Gift Shop


These prices do NOT apply the days before on Labor Day weekend:

Amusement Park:

Friday and Sunday: noon-EIGHT

Saturday: noon-TEN

Labor Day: noon-SIX.

Water Park:

Friday thru Monday: noon-SIX

There can be no assurance Conneaut Lake Park will be open for the 2017 season....

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About which that last:

See Gore Range's post(s?) today here:


Link provided for reader convenience. The poster here makes no warranties, express or implied, about the accuracy of facts and opinions contained at the link cited.

Nevertheless, the reader is urged to check out that link and ponder its importance.

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Other than who gets the Beach Club insurance proceeds, which additional property has to be sold and when to pay off secured debts, scraping up enough money to open next year, securing tax exempt status, board squabbles, and...most of all, actually operating a park not at a loss (NOT just increasing revenue--not adding more and more and more debt) for now, yes.

At the hearing, the Trustees' representative sought "one last chance." Only one unsecured creditor voted against the plan. An appeal on the plan decision itself is very unlikely. The appeal of the Beach Club decision continues.

But nowhere along the way have these people learned to run a successful amusement park. It sadly will result the sane way, again. They are already wanting to add a year round family fun center--which will distract them, and, doubtlessly, lose more money.

Note that unlike an individual, a business entity can (and often does) file or get forced into filing bankruptcy a short time after a prior bankruptcy has been resolved. The wisdom of that I leave for others. The likelihood here is, sadly, quite high. The problems that lead the park, again and again, to precarious financial positions, have not been resolved.

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I went to Conneut Lake on Saturday.  I was blown away.  Upon first glance, you see a run down park and wonder "Is it is even safe to be here?"

I'm not a spinny flat ride kinda guy, so I skipped those.  But Blue Streak and Devils Den were a real treat.  I have never seen ride ops work so hard, and they have to given the tech on the rides!  The water park was packed and the dry park was crowded.  Good food and great staff all around. 

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Was hoping the new owner was going to strike the right balance to keep this park alive and thriving, but the CLP as I knew it from 2017 appears to be gone.  I wish Gene Staple had won the auction.

The Blue Streak was one of the most terrifying but fun coasters I have ever been on.  And the Devil's Den was great.  

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