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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Tuesday, August 10th TR

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Lets see if I can remember everything!

We got to the park at about 2:00. We went directly to Flight of Fear, which was the usual 25-30 minute wait. Then afterwards, I considered riding Firehawk, but the line was about 90 minutes. So next we headed onto Vortex, and I was excited to try out "the magic seat", 5-1. And I was pleasantly surprised! It was amazingly smooth! Well, at least it didn't knock my head around as much as it usually does. After that, we took a ride on Diamondback, the wait being about 7 minutes.

We then took a ride on Delirium, which did seem to be going a little faster IMO.

After this, we went to Boomerang Bay, and strangely, no one was aloud to go in the wave pool O.o

We then got some Panda Express in the Festhaus

It soon become dark, and we decided to go and ride The Beast, because I've never gotten a nightride before. But, it was closed due to "technical difficulties"

So we decided to hop on Diamondback. On the way up, we could see The Beast climbing the lift hill, so after a nice ride on DB, we headed over to The Beast. Unfortunately, we had to wait for the fireworks to finish off, but, the ride op was very entertaining :).

So then finally, at least 20 minutes later, we got to get on.

Let me just say The Beast at night was one of the most awesome experiences of my life! i'm still in shock! It was almost pitch black, especially in the tunnels. We were sitting in the second to back seat. Is it just me or is it wayyy faster and smoother in the back?

I was surprised at how beautiful Kings Island was at night! The trees and the Eiffel Tower were magnificent!

Just that night ride on The Beast adds up to a 9/10 for this trip!

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And if you were in the next to back seat, you were in the middle of a car...and not over the wheels. Those seats are far smoother than the backs or even the fronts of the trains. 1-1 and that next to back row are my two favorite rows on Beast....and at night is where it's at for Beast! I usually, but not always, ride the left side of Beast...

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You were in one of the crew's favorite spots, and certainly my personal favorite. When I worked there last year, during morning test rides everyone else would go for the front. I had to be stubborn and go for 6-2 instead.

Night rides are also much faster than morning rides because The Beast is warmed up and usually the trains have more people. Our morning test rides were always molasses due to those foul things I won't mention.

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