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Canada's Wonderland announces WindSeeker

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Canada’s Wonderland takes excitement to new heights in 2011, with the addition of WindSeeker – a 30-storey swing ride.

Towering high above the Park, WindSeeker will ascend 301 feet (91.7M) and spread its metal arms, swinging riders at a 45-degree angle at speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour. WindSeeker will feature 32 two-person swings that will provide riders with a sensational feeling of weightlessness as their feet dangle at heights never experienced before at Wonderland.

“We are continuing to change the landscape at Canada’s Wonderland and with the addition of our new thrill machine WindSeeker, we will be 70 feet (21.3M) higher that our previous tallest rides Drop Tower and Behemoth”, said Raffi Kaprelyan, Vice President and General Manager of Canada’s Wonderland. “For riders that are looking for extreme height and intense thrills, this ride will be a must-do for 2011”.

WindSeeker will be the 68th ride at Canada’s Wonderland, giving the park one of the greatest selections of rides in North America. Construction will begin in the fall of 2010.


Aside from the rather unoriginal name, I like it.

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Wow was that announced early? I would expect them to announce it at the same time as CP and KI (assuming they are getting them too)

And I now am guessing this is going to be identical to KI's, and CP's will be bigger.

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I don't think it's going to be very easy to see one of these in between Wicked Twister's spikes. Unless maybe if you're standing at the waters edge behind Disaster Transport. smile.gif

I don't get it. 300' plus. WT is 215 and visible from lots of spots in the park. Ahhh... maybe you meant we won't be able to see it on the ground. Curosity is getting the best of me here Browns.

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