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Coming in 2011 Windseeker!

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Soaring high above the midway, WindSeeker will thrill Kings Island guests in the 2011 season!

WindSeeker stands an amazing 301' tall and will spin guests at 30mph at an angle of up to 45 degrees. "The addition of WindSeeker reflects our commitment to providing our guests with world-class thrills, fun and fantastic family entertainment," Kings Island vice-president and general manager Greg Scheid said. This addition will be located near The Vortex's exit in the Coney Mall section of the park.

Attraction Breakdown:

Name : WindSeeker

Ascent/Descent: 50 Seconds Each

Ride Time : 3:00

Manufacturer: Mondial

Rotation Speed: 8 RPM

Capacity : Up to 1,280 per hour

Location: Coney Mall

To see photos of the press conference, including concept art, follow the link below:


A special thank you goes out to Nate Byrum from Dragonshead Visual Arts for contributing these photos.

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I hope so, but I don't...that spot is such an awkward dead end. It needs something, but I'm not sure a new ride is the answer. I see a large bottleneck developing there if it is indeed the spot, with only one way in and out.

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