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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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Yesterday while I was outside of the fence the site leader from RMC came out and gave us stickers and talked about the industry. That really made my day! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G928A using Tapatalk

Back to the topic at hand... I got sneaky and took some pics while at the Fairgrounds this weekend... Enjoy!

Guys I received a large surprise from the Kingdom today. I learned I was being promoted to be in charge of the operation of the Thunder Zone. Apparently I have really impressed in the last few months

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Especially the problems that happen in the TR line...

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What happens in this que line?  Each of the four times I have visited in '15, I have seen no issues in the que line.  Maybe I just pick good days to go.

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The only "bad" experience  I had at KK this year was the station for T3.  A bunch of rowdy teens with shorts/pants at the knees yelling to each other across the station.  No fightng, however.


It was almost as annoying as the teens in the boardwalk que of The Beast who were making out (quite graphically!) and the gal was incredulous when she was asked to put her t-shirt back on.  Something to the effect of: "It's a bikini top dude, mind your own business."

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Rode T3 for the first time today it was not shaking left to right however it liked to jolt forward going in and out of the first 3 inversions. But it was re-rideable. Overall I liked it!

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I really liked it too!  Up until this year, I avoided inverted/looping coasters.  Thunderbird fixed that!  Since Holiwood Nights/Thuderbird, I have ridden Banshee, T3, Vortex and Firehawk.  Antiemetics are my friend! 

Firehawk, on the other hand is NOT my friend.  I had decided I would never ride it, so I did not prepare for it.  Last week, I decided to be spontaneous after riding Vortex...wasn't prepared to go backwards!  While I did not have nausea, I was sweating buckets.  First time in a LONG time I was able to see the fireworks from the freeway!

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That article is hilarious...


Revitalized and expanded in 2014, Kentucky Kingdom has enough rides, slides and other attractions to entice and entertain toddlers, hyperactive kids, blasé teens and harried parents.


The park originally opened in 1987 with a few children's rides across 10 acres. Changing ownership several times, Kentucky Kingdom is back in the hands of Ed Hart, the visionary who grew the park to great success in the 1990s.


Revitalized and expanded compared to what it was prior to its closing... And Ed Hart is a visionary?


Rides are tucked into lushly landscaped areas with trees, groomed grass and flowers; park goers won't feel they're wandering from ride to ride on a smoldering parking lot.


I wonder if that includes Thunder Run, which is tucked away at the end of a former access road way off the beaten path...

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"Revitalized and expanded in 2014, Kentucky Kingdom has enough rides, slides and other attractions to entice and entertain toddlers, hyperactive kids, blasé teens and harried parents."

And what a way to describe your potential customers.

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At the park today and currently sidelined for a storm delay. Interesting to crowd watch at Taco Tequila. Boys playing with an empty water bottle in the rain while others are worried about getting wet...in the area just outside the water park so said people are in bathing suits

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Today may have been my last visit this season for KK for me.  Due to workig every weekend, my times at parks is rapidly coming to a close.  I am going to try and go to KI and perhaps HW once each if i can.  I may get Sunday Nov 1 off for KI closin day.


That being said, today was kind of a bizzare day at the Kingdom for me:  When stopping at the parking toll gate, the attendent asked me to park in the "K Lot" because of an even at the exposition center.  I had to drive down the road that bisects the park; the parking lot was filled with tents and RVs and classic cars; must have been a car show.  I did, however, get a parking spot three away from the entrance to the park.


Crowds were VERY light upon entering.  I wallked right on to Lightning Run. 


Clouds were ominous, so I decided to head to T3 next.  On the way over, it was announced that all rides and attractions were closed because of the imminent bad weather.  Water park folk were leaving in droves.  I went to Taco Tequila to wait it out.  Did some crowd watching (see previous post) and enjoyed some chips and queso.


The storm blew over, so I decided to stroll around and wait for T3 and Thunder Run to re-open.  There were about 10 people waiting for T3 when a ride op came out of the station but said he did not have any information about re-opening.  The announcement was made that Hurricane Bay was not going to reopen.


I wandered over to Mile High falls where I watched empty boats testing, and some track for Storm Chaser on site.  Thunder Run was running empty trains, so I decided to head over to tthe station.  One the way over, the announcement was played that "due to high winds, some rides may close."  In the station, I waited about 20 minutes, then had a great ride.  Upon returning to the station, the ride ops annobyunced the park was closing and this was the last ride of the day.


There were no public announcements, but no rides were operating.  Instead of walking back to the entrance around Swamp Water Jacks, I decided to walk around Hurricane Bay.  After crossing the bridge (after only seeing 3 people), no rides were operating.  However, at the Stage 6 building, the Wizard of Oz play by the local high school students was on.  I was able to buy a t-shirt.  The cashier did not know if the park was open or closed.  At the front entrance, there were maybe 20 peope taking pictures and hanging out.


I left, happy to do everything (except T3) I wanted to do.  But I was perplexed as to what happened.  Was the park open or closed?  This was around 5:30 pm.


I had not planned on staying much later than this, as I was going to visit my sister, but it was weird.


My sister had a coupon for a free admission to Beech Bend that had been sent out in the Valpack mailer--I only wish I could use it.

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Was just watching the Louisville NBC affiliate (WAVE3) and there was a KK commercial that opened with "Why pay $20 or more for rides on the midway at the state fair when you can ride all day at the Kingdom for $9.95....."

Only at Kroger.

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