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Kentucky Kingdom

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but if you scorn an entire group of people, you are looking at potentially exponential growth of the number of people angry with your park who won't recommend it to their friends. I don't think they'd do that, but they've never exactly given me any indication that they really know what they're doing, so who knows?

I think they've pretty much scorned the entire physically handicapped community... Nursing mothers... I feel like I'm missing another...

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I would like to think that the park knows what would happen if they institute a blanket ban on KIC members. Bad word of mouth is a very quick way to kill a business.


The vast, vast majority of members shouldn't have anything to worry about. That one poster was allowed back in even after posting the aforementioned trip report. Punishing people for writing bad reviews can result in very bad press, especially now.


That said, I probably wouldn't advise wearing "KICentral.com" shirts or chanting "KIC! KIC!" while leaving a station. At least some at that park think that they are unfairly attacked here, so they might not be fond of having the site "advertised" to their guests.


As an aside, those with that opinion should read other threads and/or stop cherry picking posts from this one. Attempts to squash online criticism can easily backfire. Online reputation firms can be very good resources.




If we do, we should probably either use a false date on the boards, or plan in secret. Maybe wear disguises? It's a long drive to be turned away when we get there...


If there is a KIC meetup there, I'd probably try to go. Louisville is a doable day trip from Columbus.


Such a meetup could be organized privately among those interested to avoid any undue attention, but trying to hide would send the wrong message. If we meet up there, we don't want to give them legitimate reasons (disguises, "secret" plans) to deny admission to any of us.

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I will be honest.  I would like to see them grow.  If nothing else, I will make Holiday World and Kings Island continue to stay on their game to one up them.


That said (and maybe this is hypocrisy), we wont be planning any trips there soon (with the exception that the company I work for does another company day).  I can say I have done it, but overall I was not really impressed.  Maybe it was due to going at the end of the year, but I suspect that Kings Island has spoiled me.


I will say that if we were to get turned away, I would be letting everyone know.


I will watch to see how the rest of you rate the park in 2016.  I may change my mind.

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I still have never been to Kentucky Kingdom EVER, but my curiosity is growing by the month. SOMEDAY, hopefully this season, I will walk through those gates and see that park for myself! :D


(No need to comment on the whole "turned away" thing; I am well aware of that.)

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The Park's Facebook page just updated its profile picture to a painfully low resolution image of their logo. As in, I can make out individual pixels on my phone screen.

Little things like that leave me shaking my head. It doesn't look good for the company AND it's incredibly easily avoided. I spent 30 seconds on Google Images and I found no less than 10 acceptable images for the park's social media profile picture. On the first page.

I know it isn't much, but little things like that all culminate and slowly hurt public perception of your brand.

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I still have to wonder how turning a critic away would be an effective practice. That would be like Disney telling people who are cautious about "The Force Awakens" to go find another movie.


That's not fear I smell, is it? I guess they aren't confident in their product... 

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