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Kentucky Kingdom

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If this coaster is supposed to open in 2014, wouldn't there be some activity now? Anyone seen any activity besides demolition in the location where the former coaster was located?

I was sort of thinking the same thing myself, unless it is going to be a carnival sized coaster that can be set up within a few days/weeks?

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banks wouldn't be loaning on the full faith and credit of Kentucky Kingdom, new amusement park. They would be lending on the track record of successful local business person, Ed Hart. Even so, there is a limit to what the total liability they'll loan on one person/business.

Mr. Hart has the success and enterprise to succeed in this- but even so, any time a bank elects to loan out in excess of 7 figures,, it is a risk.

I don't think the success of Kentucky Kingdom for 2014 is in question. There is enough pent-up demand to span across an operating season. The sustainability will gauge itself in 2015 and beyond. I would look for increased innovation and "pomp and circumstance" after '14.

If you want to attract a crowd, just light yourself on fire and people will come to watch you burn. If you don't have anything else for them to do, after the flames die down, they'll find something else to do. 2014 is their "fireworks" display- keep an eye on 2015.

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"(From left to right: Dr. Mark Lynn (KY State Fair Board Chairman), Ed Hart (Park President), "Rip" Rippetoe (KY State Fair President) Local media, business partners and fair board members joined us in the park recently to check out the improvements being made. You can find links to each station's report by going to our website. http://www.kentuckykingdom.com/news-press/"


(Photo Courtesy of The New Kentucky Kingdom)

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Wife drags me to the park, I make fun of her for being an enthusiast :lol: . She still does not know I am. I ride rides for the thrill, unfortunately I don't get a thrill anymore this year at the park. The first ride on DB is okay, but then if I re ride it seems slower and if I re-ride it again it seems much slower. Last two times I rode Diamondback with no lines I could only ride 3X before I had to get off cause of boredom.

I liked going with my wife and baby to the waterpark and Planet Snoopy. My new favorite ride is boo blasters.

I can't wait till next year as I am going to travel to the west coast, east coast, and parks in the middle cause my wife wants to go ride new rides. :lol: She is very interested in the new Drop Tower at SFGAD next year.

Coasters in the 90mph range, 120mph range, and ejector machines does not get old :lol:

I kinda agree with you, I went to Kings Island for the first time in ten years this year and and almost every other weekend. I found that the end of year, Diamondback is the only one thats still thrilling. The Beast without trim on the first hill. AE just boring, Racer yawn, Delerium could be something if laster longer. Invertigo, Flight deck doesnt last long enough. Vortex and Flight of Fear offer a little thrill, Firehawk is only good in back and in the loop.

I think the prob is too much exposure. I did get well use out of my season passes and hopefull Cedar Point next year will change that, if not I prob will quit going as much.

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