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halloween haunt october 1st


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it was pretty much amazing

this is my first post on here and it was also my first time at the haunt so please go easy on me and correct me if i say a name worng or if my locations are off lol

well, me, my sister, her boyfriend, and caeley all arrived at about 8 so the haunts had already started.

i was the first to pick, so i headed for the new maze, wolf pack... it was ok, but nothing special. The statues mostly creeped me out, but the actors weren't really getting into it. Infact, one of them kept asking us for the time.. it was quite unprofessional. It was also very short, but I guess they did the best they could with a ride queue line. I'd have to give it a 6/10 (but that's strictly for decorations, and the creepy werewolf who led us in. He really got into it... A+ creepy dude ;) )

I thought all of the haunts would be like this and grew quite depressed, so we rode Diamondback (only a 30 minute wait at this point) what a thrill, i fell in love lol, and I have to say, my ride photo was pretty interesting lol

Then we rode another ride, The Beast. Great decorations! I drove everybody nuts because my sister didn't get the 'My Beloved Son' joke so i had to explain it a million times. I didn't get the other tombstones though, I guess I'm too much of a noob lol. Anyhow, The Beast is AMAZING at night! And the suprize halfway through the ride... Great job with this one Kings Island!

Finally we decided to give trail of terror a chance, so we walked towards the neon skull and cross bones and prepared for what would be the second greatest maze of the night. As we walked in, my sister's boyfriend decided to be MEAN and say things like 'come on, sam' 'aw sam, keep up' and even deliberately walked up to an actor and said "that girl's name in the back is sam, shes fun to scare, have at her!" within a few minutes several guys were stalking me. One woman asked if I would like to stay for dinner, many guys breathed in my ear, one made a clicking noise with his teeth, and lets not even mention the chainsaw guys B) it was amazing! 9/10

i wanted to do it again, but the park was 40 minutes from closing, so we sprinted to the Massacre Mansion (i know this isnt the right name, but i couldn't think of it to save my life) The guy in the front was very creepy and gave me and my family/friends the death stare even as we were walking in. Again, they decided to tell everybody in the maze that the spazzy girl in the back's name was sam. thanks guys, really. A couple of people stalked me through once again, and I really loved the theme that followed through during the whole maze, it was like being in a scary movie. I have to say, the strobes ruined it for me. :( At the point of the maze where all you can see is plastic and strobe lights, i lost all interest. Also, the guy at the end who came out and yelled 'sweet niblets'...? Who even knows. I'd have to say 8/10 because i did get a few good scares, and most of the actors were into it.

Next was Caeley's choice, and she chose Invertigo. Good ride + no line = awesome

After that was Slaughter House, a 2 minute wait. The actors were really quite into it, and the scenery was great, very realistic for the most part. Halfway through a guy got in front of my sister (who was SUPPOSED to be holding on to me, I was the brave one in the very front) he said 'let her go, just let her keep walking.' I unknowingly kept walking (but very slowly at that) He then asked for my name, and she told him. He went off and told all of the other actors my name and before i knew it, he and another guy were blocking me. He kept saying 'oh, whats wrong sam' and breathing on my neck and i slowly covered my face and screamed. :) I accidently ran into the guy while I was trying to get out, and he made a face that scarred me for life lol. All I could get out was 'im so sorry! im so so sorry!' He came towards me and i freaked the hell out of me so i ran lol. it was really, truly, amazing. He kept up and popped up randomly throughout the maze, so he was my absolute favorite. I think it was either him, or a guy at the end of the maze that chased me out. The actors went above and beyond what they were supposed to do. This is the maze that made my night awesome, 10/10, A++ actors, way to go.

Then, sadly, it was time to leave. The whole event's score? I figured this out...

mazes= 5 points

shows and food = 2 points

decoration= 2 points

roamers= 1 points

mazes =4.5/5 (because of Slaughter House and Trail Of Terror B) )

shows and food = 1.5 points (good food, but it was cold, shows were okay)

decoration= 2 points (The Beast won me over)

roamers= 0 points (i heard from this site and others that there were roamers... there weren't any at all. The only monster I saw outside of a maze was in the bathroom)

Overall= 8/10, Great Job guys! I'll be coming again this friday (and posiibly saturday)

Mazes To Do:

Club Blood

Urgent Scare


Tombstone Terror


RedBeards Revenge

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If you want to do carnevil go there as soon as possible because that line get's super long.

thanks for the advice i will!

eh, i forgot to add cemetary drive, but from what ive heard of it, i might have to take a rain check

Welcome to KIC! Always nice to see new people around here :D

Definitely pass on Cemetery Drive. I went through it this past Friday and thought it was terrible beyond description (I said that as we were passing an actor and she got up in my face and shrieked real loud, it was mildly amusing...). Other than her, all the actors seemed pretty much apathetic about their jobs and weren't scaring at all. We actually had someone walk up in front of us and say "Boo." He didn't scream it, didn't say it in a creepy voice, just kinda said it in a monotone voice that gave me the impression that he really didn't want to be there.

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