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First Haunt Visit

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So I got it all planned out and after 12 or so years of being a KI fanatic, I am going to my first haunt. I have two questions before I go:

1: Im not a big haunt guy, but I want to get at least two in. Ive been reading reviews, but im still split over the two I am going to do (I may do more if time persists) Right now im looking at Urgent Scare, but im not sure of the other, what, in your opinion, are the best two mazes KI does?

2: I will be there on a Friday night, do you suggest going to the mazes first as soon as they open or waiting until later?



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Heres what I do durning the haunt. I make sure to get in line if I am visiting on Saturday 30 minutes or so before the haunt opens. This gets me in one haunt rather quickley. If your lucky you may get in one more haunt before lines start to get super long. After one or two haunts hit up some ride until about 11:30 or so. By this time the park seems to empty out on most nights and you should be able to get in a good 4 or 5 more haunts until the park closes at 1:00.

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I would suggest going on Friday, do what you want to do before eight. Like chaddie said, the lines get big after dark. I would recommend doing urgernt scare, slaughterhouse,carnevil. massacre manor before eight. Death row usually doesn't have a wait, don't go in trail of terror, tombstone, cemetery drive, cut throat cove before dark because you can see the actors and it's just not fun. Trail of terror is worth the wait just because I work there. =]

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