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Favorite Vetell Brothers Coaster

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I am assuming that you are talking about Edward Vettel who has 10 roller coasters to his credit. Only 2 or 3 of them are operating I think. Irwin's son Andy has about 6 or 7, some of them are re works of existing coasters, even so only a couple are operating if that many. Edwards brother Irwin I do not think he has any designs, I think he only did the construction end of things, even then I don't think he has that many credits for working on coaster projects. Interesting note: Edward was the designer of the Rocket, famous for the 1977 movie "Rollercoaster". When they were taking the ride down, they used TNT and it would not fall, some wanted to rebuild it and call it the "Rock-it" because that is what they had to do with a bulldozer to get the hill to fall. As far as my favorite, it would have to be the Zephyr, but that is what every one who has ridden more than one of his creations would say.

Edit: To correct the error that Andy is Irwin's son not Edwards. I have always been under the impression that he was the son of Edward. Also I have found that Irwin's name is spelled with an I or an E depending on what information you look at. I am going to keep it as an I so pardon me if I am wrong.

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Zephyr closed in 1983, before I even knew it existed...

Your post still refers to the "Vetel" "brothers"...the two coaster designers were uncle and nephew, not brothers...There are also two t's, one l.


And no one is going to make me pick between Blue Streak at Conneaut (as it used to run) and Thunderbolt at Kennywood (which is largely a John Miller coaster anyway....

I usually can't pick a favorite coaster....it's very much like picking a favorite offspring.

There are too many wooden coasters I consider superb to pick a favorite these days. And there is one Maverick I consider better than any wooden coaster, though I consider wood coasters as usually, not always, superior to steel in ride experience, variety and popularity longevity.

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