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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Looking Forward To 2011

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What changes or additions are you most looking forward to seeing in 2011. For me it is WindSeeker, obviously, and what is going to happen with Son of Beast. I am also looking forward to see what changes are being made to the park, like last year where the divider in Beast's ramp was removed. I know it is a little bit early to speculate, but think of this as your Christmas list for changes to be made, a wish list might have you. One wish is that those buckets under Flight Deck are or a paint job on the coaster.

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I'm quite anxious to see WindSeeker for the first time from the highway coming around the infamous turn.

What way do you come North or South on I71?

I can answer that question for him, we...errr....he comes from south of Kings Island, through Cincinnati. Pass Kings Auto Mall, then there is the Warren County watertower, then the row of trees and after that the view of the park comes into sight.

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I would like to see a new water slide put in Boomerang Bay, perhaps a "looping" slide.

I know someone will correct me on this if needed, but when I was in the park, I never saw the floral clock working. I would like to see that get some TLC.

Speaking of clocks, I would like to see a new mechanism installed so the Festhaus clock would work again. Not sure if it's possible, but I can dream.

As posted by CoastersRZ in another thread, bring back the Band!

Another hard one that might not be possible, get the calliope on the Grand Carousel working again. There has to be modern parts and technology available to get it working again. We can fill the sky with satellites that can read the serial number on a dollar bill. We should be able to fix an early 20th century machine.

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But that is the issue....a carousel organ, historically authentic and working, is worth quite the sum. It's not like they are making any more of them, and not everyone is fortunate enough to own one who would like to.

Just who said the organ is still present, much less not operational?

A certain plaintiff in a recent lawsuit against a financial firm is a known collector of carousel organs.

Terp, just sayin' (also, it is a carousel organ...a calliope is a stream driven (some more recently are compressed air) contraption typically so loud it could be heard for several miles...at Kings Island, far beyond the parking lot)

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