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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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-following is translated into English-

New in 2011 - in the bay of pirates skull there is great excitement. In the otherwise peaceful, central Heide-Park Lake, mysterious things have been going on: the bubbling waters are awakening a gigantic monster.

The huge creature just waiting for the most fearless of all pirates ventured the fantastic adventure and takes the fight to be spectacular. But beware, because with this unique opponents not to be trifled with truth.

Those looking for a new dimension of thrills and fun is the most sensational new attraction just right. Germany's first dive coaster in 2011 writes not just another stunning chapter of piracy but also makes the Heide-Park Resort richer by a huge experience.

-end of translation-

Manufacturer: Floorless B&M Dive Coaster

Trains: 3, 18 per train,

Length: 1561''

Height: 134''


1 Inversion (Immelmann)

90* drop


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Supposedly, Krake will dive into a hole in the ground not unlike Alton Tower's Oblivion.


The hole in this case, though, will be made to look like a circular mouth of The Beast shown in the logo. I can't help but imagine smoke and otherworldly sounds coming from the mouth as you dangle over it... It will definitely be a very daunting ride!

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It's probably a near-clone of Oblivion, just with a taller lift and an Immelman instead of an over-banked turned. Certainly, it's a "primitive" model - dive, loop, done. Still, I would kill to have it at Kings Island, or anywhere in Ohio for that matter.

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Length isn't on Top Thrill Dragster's side, either. And Maverick is certainly lacking in height... And the world-renowned Space Mountain caps off at an earth-shattering 27 miles per hour. Millennium Force doesn't have even a single inversion. And the "best amusement park in the world" for the last thirteen years didn't earn the distinction of having the best landscaping, best employees, best food, best entertainment, best cleanliness, or best roller coaster...

I guess you don't always need a whole lot of everything to be a winner; just a little bit of the important stuff... Crazy, huh? :P

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What I found intriguing was the way it was announced.

The Mississippi Boat, the ship which connected the two shores of the lake inside the park, was destroyed and burned into flames right in front of the spectators there for the announcement. The ship sank minutes into the burning. The announcement can be seen here...


... and yes I know what everyone is thinking right now in response to this video when it comes to KI.

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