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Hardest Ride at KI to Operate


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Thanks Gordon for the idea. I'm usually up for a good food challenge. Mrs. Gator hates that and in fact said to me just last week, "You don't work for the Travel Channel!" (a reference to the wonderful show Man v. Food for those of you who didn't catch it).

Gator, who once was challenged to see how many full plates of shrimp he could eat compared to his friend. The friend ate 10 plates of shrimp, and I ate 12... I just couldn't beat him by only 1. And then there was the time I was dared to see how many Pixie Stix I could fit in my mouth at once. It was somewhere in the 42-48 range... very hard to swallow with that much sugar in your mouth.

Wow... look at how how far off-topic we've gotten. Oh well. 'Tis the (off)season.

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I once ate nothing but Skyline Chili for nearly a week.

I win.

Now if you'd made it a full week, I'd give you the win, but the "nearly" drops you down a few notches. :)

Got to ask, did you change it up at all or was it the same menu item all the time? I'm imagining a few chili-cheese sandwiches for lunch every day and a nice 4-way for dinner every night - I think I could handle that.

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1. :wacko: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has tighter conversations with Voyager 2 than this thread!

2. That sounds delicious! Gonna try a Spalito tonight!

3. On topic, and from the relatively unqualified perspective of a mere observer, I'd think it'd have to be the Eiffel Tower, with having to keep count of occupants, operate the elevator while giving a timed-and-rehearsed speech, then answer random, sometimes technical questions as accurately as possible, all while smiling in the spare time remaining before reaching the top. Kudos, I say!

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