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Enchanted Theater

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Would anyone happen to have a picture of Enchanted Theater before CarnEVIL was set up in there? I've been looking for one. but I can't seem to find any...

Thanks :)

I posted a similar query quite a while back, and nothing ever materialized. Maybe somebody has found something in the meantime!

Enchanted Theater? What was that, do tell!

There used to be a theater in the Enchanted Voyage showbuilding, in the place where CarnEvil is now set up.

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Guest TombraiderTy

None of these are my own pics:





And, couple random facts to anyone who cares, Enchanted Theater was added in 1992 with Phantom Theater and Scooby Zoom (today The Great Pumpkin Coaster). The theater could seat 500.

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And another little known fact is that the stage still remains in the building. Although, I`m fairly certain that CarnEvil now remains set up year round in there.

You would be right on CarnEVIL being a "year-round" haunt inside the ol' Enchanted Theater (alongside Urgent Scare in Action Theater and, I believe, Club Blood in Warehouse Alpha). Although, if they removed the stage, they would have a lot more room inside to add on to that particular haunt. The only thing is that portions of it are still used for costume storage for a few of the Peanuts characters (and I fondly recall seeing the original Hanna-Barbera costumes in there as well a few years back).

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Wow... I never even knew that existed! Honestly I thought when I saw this thread someone mixed up Enchanted Voyage and Phantom Theater....

I thought the same thing.

Was this theater located in the Enchanted Voyage/PT/Scooby Doo/BBoBB building?

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Yes it was. CarnEvil is situated in the theater room. In fact, the path that you exit on from Carnevil, used to be the path that you would take to enter the theater (and wait before they opened the doors to the theater). I saw a few shows in there in the first few seasons it was opened.

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Paramount had less of an emphasis on entertainment and budgeted it accordingly, especially in the last few years. Undoubtedly they decided that the Enchanted Voyage Theatre would be more beneficial to them as storage than an actual theatre. I wouldn't blame CarnEvil for that - don't forget that it started in the Festhaus before it was moved there.

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^ And actually fares much better in its current spot than in the Festhaus. During the years it was in the Haus, the bright lights took away from the experience, particularly on nights when there was football being played on the televisions. Always conflicts there were over who was louder - the screaming of girls from the sight of evil clowns, or the screaming of guys from the sight of their team losing.

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