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Beast will lose record for longest wooden roller coaster in 2011

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And really, what difference does it make anyway? The experience of riding The Beast will undoubtedly be exactly the same when it's the second longest wooden roller coaster on Earth as it was when it was first. Having a record doesn't typically mean too much... After all, Kings Island has the world's tallest amusement park recreation of the Eiffel Tower. Are we proud of it? Maybe. What about having the world's only Giant Top Spin?

Plus, visitors are bombarded by "records" that are all but useless. For example, Kings Island is / was also home to "the midwest's first face-to-face inverted boomerang coaster," "the world's first family launched coaster," "the world's longest roller coaster with an inversion" and "the Midwest's only flying coaster." People don't spaz out over it, because these records are so freakin' specific, any ride could be a record-holder. But because we're so inundated by these records, ones that actually are quite a feat (like The Beast's) typically go under-appreciated anyway.

And on top of that, bigger is not always better, anyway...

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I am alright with this as it is good for newer coasters to go farther, higher, faster as long as they become safer. It gives the coaster makers something new to achieve new concepts that park marketers are looking for to keep the guests interested and engaged. Please do not be sad for The Beast, it holds something that all similar newer coasters can never achieve or take away and that is its history and most likely in my lifetime the record for holding the longest wooden coaster for this long. The Beast has achieved greatness for so long and it will be here for many many years to come so now when we ride it it will be like riding a part of history.

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The Beast is a great "terrain" coaster, it follows the lay of the land very well. Its not a "parking lot" coaster(built on a flat piece of land) I have no idea what this coaster will do or how it will follow the land. Will it be fun? Who knows? Not me, I will probably never leave the country. So, I guess The Beast will remain in my heart as the wooden coaster (at least in America) which is the longest.

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