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Windseeker & Coney Mall Construction Continues

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I think they are moving along just fine. You have to remember that there is a lot of electrical work involved with any ride. I assume they have been working on that the past week or two. There are probably other projects that need to be completed that we can not see through the webcams. If you check out the webcams now, it looks like they have lifted the ride carriage support off the ground. I assume this means that they have already strung the cables and are now ready for the chair ring assembly.

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Lots of pieces of the carriage all around now. Let the fun begin!

I hope they got a good clear instruction manual for putting it together! ohmy.gif


It's just like putting together K'nex, just they are life size and if you mess up, then you'll be paying the hospital. Or the funeral bills.

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The ride is looking so good... but what is going on now with it? Why is it taking so long to finish it?

Has anyone else checked out CP web cam.... they are moving even slower lol.

Well they are not following the same path for building at CP.

They basically have the red topper done and the tower is only 1/3 done.

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A question I still have is why did they not use the old filght commander site to put this up?

The old 3 wheel ferris wheel was there and it would be a great spot?

I know that originally drop zone was going there till they decided to move it and build Action Zone.

It would such a nicer out of the path place to put it. Give the same great view and such.

Anyone know a good reason? I know they have pay stuff there now but come on....

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I think the answer is much more esthetic. They placed it there to anchor Coney Mall... and add to the area's visual and symmetrical appeal

If it looks as good in person as it does in the pictures that have been posted, I think they placed in the perfect spot!

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Here are some more photos posted by someone on Facebook which give a view from WindSeeker from above the 'tophat'. They also show Action Theater's new entrance pathway, stemming off from the exit. They are some very cool shots! These are not my photos:




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I'm going to go ahead and take a guess. I think WindSeeker will be completely done by next Friday and ready for testing the week after.

I would be willing to bet it will be worked on all weekend to get it completed. I was a little nervous this time last week, but I think they have made great progress over the last few days and if they work all weekend they should have it operational by the middle to end of next week as you predict!

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