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Dinosaurs Alive! is coming to Kings Island in 2011

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Not sure if anyone else posted this, and it could go in the Dinosaurs Alive! and Coney Mall / WindSeeker threads... But Kings Island's twitter posted this link to a source that has some photos from inside the park.

Here are a few of the photos (though it's really a great collection, and worth a full view).



Call me an idiot but... Has this always been pavers?


Coney Mall is really getting spruced up!






EDIT: Looks like this photo update was already discussed a bit in the WindSeeker / Coney Mall thread. Still worth a look and discussion here, I think.

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If you look at the pics posted in the WindSeeker thread, you can see they actually already cut the hole in The Racer. There appears to be an area for an entrance and an exit.

The holes in The Racer behind WindSeeker are for Action Theater, not Dinosaurs Alive.

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makes me wonder if this will remain up the whole season, or it will go down after Labor Day to prepare for Massacre Manor, as it appears and sounds like said laser tag game room will be in its spot. Also, let me get this off my chest:

ZOMG ^$%@^&*@ LASER TAG IS BACK!!!!11!!111!1!!!

Okay, I'm good. :)

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I hope Dinosaur Alive succeeds because if it does it will help Kings Island bring up its guest price caps and could lead the way to other great adventures and special events. From the many guests gathering around the International Street Dinosaure and taking pictures with it, I believe Dinosaure Alive is going to be very successful.

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^ Yet I did hear a couple people complaining in Planet Snoopy on Saturday about DA's upcharge. Most memorable quote: "We paid them all this money for a season pass and they're going to charge us more for that?!?"

Ah yes, the wonderful mindset of a typical season pass holder, who feels a right of entitlement to everything in the park!

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