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Phantom Theater Musical Score.


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  • 4 years later...
Does anyone have any idea who composed the musical score for Phantom Theater? Was it a famous composer or a local - or even in house? Anyone know the name of the talented composed by any chance?

Have a great day!

Italian Chef


The Phantom Theater musical score and all of the theming and props were done by R and R creative amusement designs. They're located in Anaheim California.

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Beetlejuice came out when I was in high school and Phantom Theater, the best themed ride in the history of the Midwest, made its elegant premier when I was in college.

By the way, I love Scooby Doo and watch it with my son. I enjoy SDATHC with my wife, who usually beats me in points. BUT I MISS PHANTOM THEATER!!!!

It was such a charming and romantic ride. It had elements from Phantom of the Opera, the Haunted Mansion at Disney, and perhaps Beetlejuice. It was fun. It was spooky.

In conclusion, I miss Phantom Theater very much. Losing it was like getting laid off from a job or dumped from a girlfriend one really loved. And I have experience with both. Seriously! ;)

May the Phantom Rise Again,

Italian Chef

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Yes, I have been to other amusement parks in the Midwest:

  • The Beach Water Park
  • Coney Island
  • WonderPark (now defunct)
  • Columbus Zoo (not an amusement park, but it has rides and will have more this year)
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • CoCo Key Water Resort

And I think that is it. :lol:

Okay, maybe I sometimes exaggerate. I should've said the best of any amusement park that I have been to in the Midwest.

Best regards,

Italian Chef

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You know, I might be crazy but I think it was Beetlejuice. I remember when I was little I would always talk about beetlejuice when I was in line.

Danny Elfman composed the music for the movie (and pretty much everyother Tim Burton film). Even in the park last year you could hear the theme song play occasionally.

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