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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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Thank-you everyone for the vote of confidence and especially to Ryan and Dane for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the KICentral staff. Switching over from a member to a staff position will take a bit of getting used to but this is the best online community and I know you will patient with that.

Thank you Robbie I look forward to working with you more, it is my understanding that you and I are both Administrators now.

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Guest rcfreak339

and why wasn't I in the running for this?

Im just pulling your leg, congrats Jesse! You have been one of my favorites on this board for a while!

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Again Thank you all for the support it really means a lot to have that support going into this role. I would also like to add that there have been many KICentral staff members before me and I have always and still do have great respect for them. I just hope I can live up to the great standards they have set. I am very appreciative that Ryan and Dane have accepted me into this position knowing the choices they have made with staff positions in the past.

Now for a bit more old man ramblings for those who care to read on, otherwise turn back now.

Like most of you I have great affection for Kings Island and this site has helped me understand and to keep me interested in many more visits to Kings Island than I would have otherwise made. I love interaction with people and always have as far back as I can remember. I enjoy talking with a wide variety of people professional to laymen young and old, as this is a great way to learn. I say this because when I found KICentral it was a perfect place for me as I was able to learn so many interesting facts about the park that I grew up adoring while becoming friends with so many fellow members. I have learned much from so many who have a wealth of amusement/theme park industry knowledge or in professional fields that can relate with similarities to Kings Island daily operations. I am in awe of the knowledge that many here on KICentral have about the amusement/theme park industry and very appreciative when you share that knowledge when appropriate. So when we add this all up we can see why so many of us have decided to become long term members and to watch for new happenings around the park while we have fun in discussions about them.

Now when we reflect on our appreciation for KICentral it is always good to remember two very important facts.

First; If Kings Island did not exist or god forbid closed it doors, then KICentral would be for the most part irrelevant. I bring this up because it is always good for us to remember that we should support the people and places we enjoy and care about, even when we have simple differences of opinions or desires. This builds trust and a respect for all parties involved. We know Kings Island has monitored this site at times, toyed with us on new attractions by teasers and have even invited us to private previews exclusively to KICentral. We here on KICentral should always look to Kings Island as a friend and support them in positive light and yes it is good to give friends constructive criticism when needed. If we as a community can strive to never forget what is most important to us, then I am sure Kings Island will continue to give us even more reasons to enjoy the park like the way we did when we first discovered we had a great affection about going to Kings Island.

Second; If KICentral members quit posting or reading then KICentral would have little reason to exist. I believe KICentral has a vast array of members who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and differ in their likes from one another and as much as their personalities differ. With all this KICentral has stood the test of time and has much to offer to all those who come to visit to read, learn, research, discuss, tease or to make friends. For whatever the reason you come here to KICentral just know you are in good knowledgeable company and with others who see the value of each poster input as each opinion is unique. Discussions often offer differing opinions but always lead to a better understanding. I have felt KICentral has a very special membership and should be treasured and valued.

I whole heartily believe that when the two of the above mentioned pillars of KICentral are respected and valued by all parties of interest then I believe KICentral will be here to be enjoyed for all for a long time. It is with this rambling of thought that guides me here and gives me the desire to help in any way I can to achieve my first priority of KICentral and all it can offer. Thanks for reading and now let’s go enjoy and share Kings Island.

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Very well said, sir.

The park also needs to understand that sometimes the criticism that stings the most comes from those that love the park the most and expect the very best.

That all being said, fans need to understand the park is a business, primarily targeted at families and young children, and teens. We are often not the target market for some of the park's endeavors, be they midget wrestling (which I still think was a severe mistake, but attendance figures do not agree with me) or dinosaurs (which I think will be a grand and glorious success).

Sometimes fans even move closer to devil's dives and such...but remain park fans from afar! Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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Is all the gushing over Jesse done yet :D

Seriously, I'm happy to see that Jesse is willing to invest some of his time to this site and that those who run this site are willing to entrust it in part to him. I truly believe that this site is special - and opening day last weekend reminded me a little of why. I saw more than 25 friends at the park that I've gotten to know through this site, there were another 10 or so there that I felt guilty because I missed them, and there was yet another group that were unable to make it to the park for one reason or another. There are also people I'd consider friends from here that I have never met in person (to my knowledge). And all this coming from a common love for Kings Island, Roller Coasters, and/or Amusement Parks in general.

What is disappointing to me is that many of those people don't post here anymore, but there is still a lot to be learned on this site and it continues to evolve and move forward in a positive way. I'm sure the new guy on the staff will help continue that.

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