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Welcome to KICentral,

You can rent a locker to your left as you enter the front gates or there are a few coin operated lockers available throughout the park and you can find those locations and any restrictions they may have on a park map as you walk in.

I hope you enjoy Kings Island as much as many of us here do. Please feel free to let us know about your trip we are always interested to hear the thoughts about Kings Island from first time visitors.

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Lockers are located around many main points through out the park....

Once you enter the park, turn directly left and there should be a locker area right by the main gate building.


(NOTE that these are ALL day lockers, you are allowed to use these lockers from 9am until close. Although a bit more expensive, these are a must for staying all day.)

This is the new locker area in front of Vortex's exit this year, Im not sure if these are all day lockers or just meant as 90min lockers for WindSeeker.


These are the lockers Flightoffear1996 was talking about, They are located directly right of Flight of Fears entrance or left of Firehawks entrance. Although these are cheap they are ONLY 90min lockers. I wouldn't reccomend keeping your medicle supplies in them. I'm not sure if they actually enforce the 90min rule, don't risk it.


Have a excellent time at the park! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask Guest Services, they will be more then glad to help!

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Don't your supplies need to be in the fridge? I just buy the one time use lockers by Firehawk and would use them once or twice durning the day when it was .75. I don't know what they ate now though

If your medication needs to be refrigerated then I recommend that you stop by Guest Relations. They are really nice over there and I am sure they would be able to assist you.

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Is there a place to store my belongings inside the park?

Lockers are available for rent at the Front Gate, across from the Festhaus in Oktoberfest, near the Crypt in Rivertown, Firehawk in Coney Mall and in Boomerang Bay.

Doesn't say they're 90 minutes, but it also says they're near Crypt...

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Just an idea, but I think they should have a special area for people who need to store medical supplies. My friend is diabetic as well and she was making that suggestion to someone at the park because as was said, some things for certain conditions require refrigeration or being kept at a certain temperature.

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I'm pretty sure there not "90 Minutes" there simply just a one time open lockers.

I agree. I've never seen where it says that the lockers are "90 minutes only", but rather "One Time Use" lockers.

Yes, you are correct. They are one-time use lockers...I don't know where I got 90min lockers from, maybe from visiting too many Six Flags parks?

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