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SummerFair 2011


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SummerFair 2011 was a great success!

Although the temperature reached 90 degree's all three days,

there was a banner turnout. I had the pleasure of selling Sweet Maize Kettle Corn

back by the Riverbend entrance under the large tree by the river.

Congratulations to the EMT"s from CI who responded to a worker who became

overheated and kept the patient stabalized until Anerson Twp. Medic's arrived and

transported her to the hospital. As a former medic, they did an outstanding job.

If anyone know's how she is doing, please post it.

The only complaint was Sunday evening. Riverbend had a concert (Phish) again:(.

SummerFair traffic was letting out, concert traffic was trying to get in.

Traffic was backed up N-bound I-275 past the NKU exit. Southbound was snarled too, no one could exit

onto Kellogg. Something really needs to be done so CI and Riverbend do not have scheduling conflicts.

SummerFair should close by at least 4.

Sweet Maize will be set up for Balloon Glow July 3rd. Come by and get a free sample!

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I know that when I came into work on Sunday afternoon, there was quite the crowd in the gate one lot. (I had to park pretty far out). The rides were open until 8pm (the ones that weren`t closed for Summerfair), so I actually didn`t end up leaving until close to 9pm.

I will definitely be working late shift on July 3rd. That is one of Coney`s biggest days of the season!

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