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Nuclear Power plant turned into an amusement park

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Now that I know there's no hazard, that's an awesome idea!

Many schools and public parks were built ontop of landfills and hazardous materials because the land was cheap. Hey let's feed our kids crap food with little nutritional value and expose them to possible harm while they're developing.

f anyone should be sheltered from toxic substances, social environments and relationships it's kids! Any damage done is multiplied over the brains development.

Neural anatomy talk disclaimer or warning, depending on you :P

The processing or thinking areas of the brain are built from things called neurons. Imagine a tree with lots of branches. That's a healthy brain. You snip off a few branches and hardly even notice. You could even cut some large limbs out and other branches will grow in to fill in some of the gap. Our brains our the same, recent research proves that the brain does continue to grow thorughout the lifespan. Even some severe damage can be compensated for as the brain can redirect the thought pattern into a different neural pathway forming a new use for the area.

Now imagine a growing tree of 10ft or so. You cut off a few branches or a young limb and you have a huge ammount of tree that cannot grow. A tree can replace lobbed off limbs or go on without them. The brain CANNOT! Imagine lobbing off commnication or control limbs/neurons.

Wow, look what hapens when I'm avoiding getting back to book reviews :unsure:

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