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Indiana Beach 2011 Trip

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Well, a new trip has possibly surfaced for me and my best friend- we are planning on going to Indiana Beach this July, and had a few questions. I have been to Indiana Beach before, but that was all the way back in 1999.

My questions?

Question #1:

I've heard the park has had problems with rides not being open this year- Cornball Express and Lost Coaster have yet to open. Any info on why, and when they might open back up? I really want to try Cornball and Lost Coaster...we're still going regardless, the other 4 coasters and the rest of the open rides are good enough to still attract us...

Question #2:

How much is food inside Indiana Beach? Curious, just want to know how much food $ might be needed or if we are better of pulling a "KI" and bringing our own...I have heard it is cheaper than Kings Island, though...

Question #3:

How crowded is Indiana Beach on weekends in July? I know this will be the most crowded time of year for them, but will it be worse than Kings Island Halloween Haunt 2010? Estimated wait times would be of good use...especially for the coasters. If possible, we could go on a Sunday. The date has not been set in stone yet.

Well, that's it. Any help is welcome. And yes, no matter what I will try my hardest to have fun...I just hope these new owners haven't run the park into the ground as badly as I have heard...:unsure:

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I've heard that both Cornball and LoCoSuMo are back up. Do be sure to ask around anyway, though. And if they are indeed up, be sure to ride LoCoSuMo backwards for me!

As I recall, IB's food prices aren't too different from the usual fare at Holiday World--reasonable, and you get a decent amount for the price.

I visited in the middle of July last year, and the longest line I waited in was a one-train wait for Hoosier Hurricane. I want to say that was on a Wednesday, though, and it was approximately several thousand degrees outside. Can't say much for how the weekend shapes up, so sorry!

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The park posted on their FB page the other day that all the coasters were back up and running. I believe that the Falling Star is the only ride that still hasn't opened yet this year.

I second what TomRaider said about the food - more reasonable than KI. I would suggest the taco place (name escapes me at the moment) by Lost Coaster.

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Thanks for the tips thus far! If it is up, I am interested in LoCoSuMo for 1 reason: I rode it...when it was still just SuMo, and am interested to see how that great dark ride fares as a roller coaster...though, those sharp turns look crazy...perhaps if the line isn't too bad and it is open, I will try it twice...BOTH directions. Since backwards, you would miss the train at the end...(PS: That train scared the #^!!%!&% out of me as a kid on the original ride!).

I will say this: This little park has some crazy looking coasters and flats...Steel Hawg (first drop is beyond vertical, twists and loops, etc etc), Tig'rr (no restraints, sharp turns and drops), LoCoSuMo (Wooden Coaster with sharp turns made from an old dark ride), Antique Cars that are over the water...

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Well, I read in another forum that Cornball Express is back up. Apparently, it was getting re-tracked and having work done on it and is running great now. No word on LoCo SuMo though...so now 5 of 6 coasters are open, from what I can assume.

I'm very happy Cornball is back open, it was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Indiana Beach, having heard such good things about it. One thing that has suprised me- this coaster, according to RCDB, is a mere 55 feet tall with a maximum speed of only 45mph! Wow. I'm looking forward to see what the "little guy" can do.

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Cornball Express, Cyclops, Avalanche, even Tremors...often times the smaller coasters are far better than their bigger brethren.

Yep. Learned that after riding Raven at Holiday World, though at 80' it is huge next to Cornball Express, it's still pretty small. But the thing feels like it's going 60mph, and has strong airtime and g-forces. And how many non-prefab giant wooden coasters are considered awesome? Only a few (The Beast, Voyage, Hades, etc etc), most of them tend to be ranked near the middle or bottom when the polls come out.

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This trip will not happen...in July. It has been delayed until either August or September, I am not sure on the exact date. I'm not too upset about this, because I am aware that July is the worst month to go to an amusement park (Crowd-wise and because it is so freaking hot!). Late August appears to be a good time according to the "when the park is open for fewer hours, less crowds" rule...

Tips are still welcome, if any are left.

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