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Windseekers expected to debut Tuesday 6/21


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Facebook is slowly draining away my faith in humanity...I don't even know where to begin with the comments that have been posted...

I completely agree with you...I'm at a loss for words from most of those comments


Did it get new seats?? I heard it did cause dummies were falling out?
ABOUT THE DUMMIES FALLING OUT::: The dummies don't have limbs, they're just torso shaped weights... We have arms and legs to hold us in place. I'm still concerned with how safe it is, since it was supposed to open a long time ago...
I was there last week, and when I asked about it, I was told BY A KI EMPLOYEE they weren't sure when it would open because of the dummies falling out. Hopefully they have resolved that issue!!

about an hour

i bet someones gonna jump out of the thing like they did on the ifle tower
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Is it just me, or is anyone else not surprised by the comments?

FB gives people a voice w/o being confronted. Many comments fall into the "you can't fix stupid" catagory. Listening to those comments on FB and believing them is very close to listening and believing a certain site where people eScape from reality and Scream.

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Might sound stupid especially coming from ME, but does this mean Beast/Dback ERTs are over?

Excellent question!! Let's hope KI will consider how popular ERT for Beast/DB has been this season, simply add WS/Vertigo and not replace.

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