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Kings Island Puts Out A Challenge to the KICentral Universe

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1) Avatar/Jesse

2) Coaster Kid/Ryan

3) standbyme/J.D. (Signed up under Stan Byme)

4) TylerRider/Tyler

5) Fire-Beast-OF FEAR/Duncan

6) m2raptor/Matt

7) Backlash325/Austin

8) Indyguy4KI/Brad

9) jcgoble3/Jonathan

My fundraising page is at http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/jonathangoble/coastingforkids-kingsisland-2011 . I just signed up, so I still need the full $35. Any donations would be appreciated. :)

Now I have a question. I have searched all over the place, and I cannot find an itinerary anywhere. Does anyone know (shut up Terpy :P) what the schedule is for the day and, in particular, what time I need to be there? Thanks.

EDIT: Never mind, I found the itinerary. Donations are still appreciated, though.

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