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LeSourdsville Lake feature from the Enquirer

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The accompanying photo gallery to the article brings back some good memories.

I especially like the photo of the 'jello jump' from 1979, because I was one of the participants. Too bad I did not win the car.

Article -


Photos -


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Thanks for that. I was able to show someone the park I went to as a kid. I recall a lot of those rides.

In turn, he showed me a Camden amusement park that still has a Bill Tracy house in it. We watched a video, and it seemed so short, but I think it's because it used to be a walk through funhouse, and due to modern safety issues, they had to turn it into a rider.

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It's too bad I never got to experience the park in its heyday. I only went during its last year and the experience was about as far as you can get from stellar, with the exception of Screechin' Eagle.

In looking at the pictures, picture #39 of Pinocchio Land would nowadays be considered a pretty clear violation of copyright laws, and just look at that airtime in picture #42! The caption says the kids are enjoying the ride, but the one on the left doesn't look very joyful. :lol:

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Someone recently published a book about Americana.

Scott Fowler is the author of the book, Lesourdsville Lake. He is going to be selling and signing that book in

Monroe at the Historical Society at Elm and Main tomorrow, Saturday July 16th 10-2. I think the price is $20.

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Camden's Haunted House was never a walk through, if that's what you meant. It was purpose built, replacing a classic Laff in the Dark. Haunted House was completely refurbished again last year.

Was Laff in the Dark a walkthrough or a ride through? I'm feeling snobbish because for being a person that was actually able to walk through a funhouse, not ride.

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Our neighbor down the street ran the basketball hoop game, next to the parachute ride.

When the funhouse closed down, we were given the record of the Laughing Lady.

You can hear the laughing lady on the one Tex Avery cartoon that has the doctor and nurse in the hotel room next to an insomniac, playing trombone and laughing.

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