OK, I was thinking around and realized something- if you count Son of Beast and Surf Dog, Cedar Fair's 2 dry parks in Ohio (Kings Island and Cedar Point) have a total of 32 coasters. A nice, even number. Perfect for a tournament. Using Excel to "generate" random matchups, I came up with this: 2 coasters will "do battle". You may give ONE point to ONE coaster in each battle, but can vote on as many or as few battles as you like. First coaster to reach 10 points wins the battle, and the opponent goes home in shame. When all the "battles" are over, the round ends and the rides will be re-scrambled and pitted up against new opponents who also survived the earlier rounds. When only 1 coaster remains, the poll ends and we have the winning coaster. Got it? Here's Round 1. These matches were generated randomly and some of them are very stupid...in fact, the best matches I see are Beast vs. Wicked Twister and Vortex vs. Mantis. But some of these are kinda funny...to vote, copy the below battles and when you vote, increase the number following each coaster's name by 1, until it reaches 10. Once a coaster has 10 votes, that battle is over and no more votes can be taken for it. ROUND 1: Match 1 The Beast(0) vs. Wicked Twister(0) Match 2 Firehawk(0) vs. Adventure Express(0) Match 3 Invertigo(0) vs. Top Thrill Dragster(0) Match 4 Flying Ace Aerial Chase(0) vs. Maverick(0) Match 5 Son of Beast(0) vs. Diamondback(0) Match 6 Wildcat(0) vs. Iron Dragon(0) Match 7 Mantis(0) vs. Vortex(0) Match 8 Surf Dog(0) vs. Blue Streak(0) Match 9 Woodstock Express CP(0) vs. Flight Deck(0) Match 10 Woodstock Express KI(0) vs. Mean Streak(0) Match 11 The Racer(0) vs. Corkscrew(0) Match 12 Flight of Fear(0) vs. Great Pumpkin Coaster(0) Match 13 Millennium Force(0) vs. Backlot Stunt Coaster(0) Match 14 Gemini(0) vs. Junior Gemini(0) Match 15 Magnum XL-200(0) vs. Disaster Transport(0) Match 16 Cedar Creek Mine Ride(0) vs. Raptor(0) Enjoy the poll. If you dislike, click back, as usual.