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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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I think Blue Streak is more than just a small but fun ride-I think it is one of the most under-rated wooden coasters-it may be small but it is scrappy. And it is hard to beat the airtime.

YES.. calculus got mentioned in a amusement park forum (which should probably happen more than you think)

It's 100% not a dino egg. The coaster is confirmed to be from B&M and has long been rumored to be a wingrider with an bird/eagle theme.

^Same. Truth be told, I've done all the Cedar Fair parks in "the vicinity" (Geauga Lake, Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, and Kings Island) so the only way to really get something new out of the Platinum Pass would be to visit Michigan's Adventure or Worlds of Fun, which I just don't have an interest in. So if I do get another Platinum Pass, it'll be "same old, same old." Six Flags, meanwhile, is a chain I've never really tried outside of Aurora and Gurnee, so this gives me the opportunity to try out Great Adventure, New England, America, Great America, etc.

I can speak only for myself when I say I'm a little over-saturated with Cedar Fair, Kings Island, B&M hyper coasters, and their pricing "integrity" inside the park. A break is in order, and luckily the choice is increasingly easy, as Flags has decided to invest much differently in 2012 than FUN has, and I prefer the former's way.

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