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Am I the only one who is let down by Haunt?

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I question if you really mean a lot of the things you post. :rolleyes:

Ya, looking back, that was a bit of a harsh criticism of the ride ops and that chafes some of the hardcore KIC fans. The thing broke and the workers walk around like zombies. It's their right to withhold information from the guests, but they seem befuddled by how the thing operates. It's sensors, motors, wires, computers and physics that makes the thing work. It's not an animal that wakes up at 7PM. When the ride is down 45 minutes and there's ten workers standing around, it's upsetting not to get a straight answer from any of them. I'm blaming this on ignorance, not malice. It's this ignorance that doesn't give me a good feeling. I ask questions because I'm genuinely curious, but also because it may be worth waiting around for a minor repair to complete.

They may not know how the thing operates and if this is the case then they wouldn't be able to give you a straight answer. There is a slight difference between knowing how to make the ride operate and knowing how it operates and being able to fix said problem.

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I don't know if I had too high of expectations or what, but I went to Haunt a few weeks ago and was really let down. It seems to me that they were going for quantity over quality on the haunted attractions. There were so many of them, and the ones I saw werent really any good. Mysteria was dumb, just a few guys in tights staring at you while you walked through a giant cage filled with fog, holliday horror wasnt scary at all, urgent scare was so-so, the props were cheap looking, carnevil was OK. None of the "mazes" were "mazes". There was no way to get lost as your supposed to in a maze. You know, take a wrong turn and end up at a dead end. It was all just a quick run through with no thought as how to go through. and the midgets were boring! They talk about watching a midget bleed, but I did not see one drop of blood. I was expecting them to smear it all over each other or something. And they went about their show very slowly, each move was setup extremely slowly which made it seem even more setup than it really was, and they warned of curse words and what not, I diddnt hear them hardly speak at all, I was expecting loud profanity and flying blood. It was weak. The commercials and website hype everything up to be so scary and gory, but I diddnt see that at all.

Also, I was very let down with the trick or treat with the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were pretty neat, but the trick or treat part was a big let down. Again, the commercials and site hyped up the trick or treat with the exact phrase "Your kids will collect a t-rex sized bag of candy". There were maybe a dozen or less trick or treat stations, and my daughter got probably 4 or 5 pices of candy. One station gave out a cardboard flyer for the movie terra nova. Another station gave a pin with terra nova on it. Another station gave a haunt souviner cup which was nice, one gave an apple which was OK i guess. And half way through it my daughter wanted to leave because she was tired of walking and a little scared (shes 4).

Am I expecting too much, or does anyone else feel the same way?

No you are not expecting too much and yes I feel the same way.

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the workers walk around like zombies

Maybe that's why the park shouldn't be open until 1AM. You have NO LIFE outside of KI if you work there during Haunt while you're in school.

The workers walk around like zombies even in the middle of the regular season. I commend those who are there working from 11 in the morning to well past 2 in the morning doing split shifts between their regular departments and Haunt, though.

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