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Soak City Kings Island 2012


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I really hope they could make it less walking in your bear feat somehow. They areally need to do something innovative.

yah they do need some way to make walking barefoot comfortable and not pain full or at least put shoe cubbies so your shoes are less likely to be stolen like mine were


You're welcome.

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Did theyy let you go down the slide with them on?

Yep they sure do. At least they have the last two years. Of course the policy for them could change anytime the felt like it (especially if an incident with them were to occur). Most of the lifeguards actually wear the same kind of shoe, just a different brand.

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Lots and lots of sand could fix the bare feet problem. :)

Totally agreed. When I'm at the Beach Waterpark walking down a path with sand next to it, I automatically move over onto the sand because it's far more comfortable for my bare feet. I would spend a lot more time in Soak City if I had sand to walk on instead of hard concrete.

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