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Standing within' 3 feet of 1974


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2 hours ago, medford said:

That picture made me remember how often we discussed missing that tunnel, now its back (though in a different area)  Still like it better where it was, but I'm glad they added one back when they did Mystic Timbers.

Coincidentally, the King Island History page on Twitter posted a photo of it earlier today. 

I miss the original tunnel. It was so much grander in scale and a great place to find some shade or to hide from the rain. It included some benches and since it was not part of a ride's entrance, you can spend as much time as you wanted in there. The newer tunnel is tiny by comparison. I'm fairly certain you can fit two or three of them inside the older iteration. 

Would anyone be willing to elaborate on why the original tunnel was removed? 


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I don't know why exactly, but it appears they expanded the building in that area and added seating behind the Chick-F-La building in that area.

Having a tunnel of that size, along a popular path limits the opportunities to sell or entertain along that path, ie make money.  Probably why when they put it back it was used as part of a ride entry.  Wouldn't mind seeing them do something similar on other rides where possible.

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@medford it means a lot to me that you think so highly of this thread. I was hoping to do another one with some pictures from 1972 that I have for the 50th Anniversary…but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I  have just not had a good last 3 years…no real free time what with working tons of overtime, the COVID situation and a death in the family, it seems like something always comes up…but I guess, that’s life. Hopefully I will be able to do it next year. :)

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