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What do you miss the most about Kings Island this off season?


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I miss the atmosphere the most. Nothing beats walking around Kings Island on a warm sunny day, with the smell of food mingling in with hot cracked pavement, with the sounds of rollercoasters, screams, and laughter echoing through the park.

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Maybe this is just because I go to Kings Island all the time, but I'd rather walk around the park for one hour than spend a whole day riding rides. For one , riding rides all day is just boring and tiring, but walking around is fun and relaxing. I also really like people watching!

So, yeah, I miss the atmosphere most. In fact I haven't ridden a coaster there since July, and I went three times during October and once in September!

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I miss the atmosphere the most, but like many others have said I miss it all during the off season. Except for maybe Haunt, but that's only because I haven't been able to make it out to one yet. I'm already looking forward to the rides this year (and maybe finally psyching myself up to ride the only two I haven't braved yet.)

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